The Small Business Checklist For Services For Web Design

Services for web design

In today’s world, a website is necessary for any kind of business. But finding good services for web design is a terrifying task if you are just starting out.

Building a quality visual identity for your business makes it much easier to have people fill up your contact form, buy products and services from you. Not to mention, if the website is built on good framework, it is already 50% of the battle won. However, not all websites achieve this full potential

That is why most people have a hard time finding a web designer or developer who knows how to do it well that ties into what you envision. So in the post today, we will be going through the Services For Web Design Checklist.

Services For Web Design Checklist 1 – Structure

A well thought-out and well-designed website gives the impression, to your client, that you know what you are doing and that you are an authority in the niche.

Let’s be honest, you will save both time and money by hiring a web design agency. Good design is worth it.

Would you want to work with someone whose website looks half-finished? Neither would we.

Source: SEM Academy

When it comes to selling a product or offering a service; getting visitors, having online authority and professionalism are everything. And if you want potential customers to take you seriously – your website needs to exude this.

If you were walking along the main street in your town and saw a shop where the owners drew a banner above the door with a pen, would you come in? Or if you were walking down the street and stopped by a dealer selling products from his plastic bag, would you buy them?

Most people looking for cheap toilet paper or other low quality items will go to a cheap store. But would you trust that same cheap store, or the man on the street when buying bigger and more expensive items? Would you trust him and leave your credit card or bank account information?

Naturally, the answer would be an emphatic “Of course not!”.

The same thing goes for websites. Customers must feel immediate trust once they land on your pages -after all, first impressions count.

Services for Web Design

Services For Web Design Checklist 2 – Service Page

When you put your business online, you are competing with over one billion other sites. All of these pages promise something. And all of them (with some exceptions) offer good products and services.

Apart from making your product or service page look good, you will also need to check if the page gives what your visitor wants or need.

Do not assume. Do a quick search on the search engines or ask your current customers.

Then turn that into a web copy and put it on your services or the product page.

Now what if you are in a B2B or have a product that don’t really solve a problem, in this case, talk factually about your product. Show figures if needed to.

Sometimes a catalogue works even in the digital age.

Services For Web Design Checklist 3 – Mobile Friendly Design

Over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.

You must have heard about the concept of responsive design lately. It is basically, designing web sites such that they load well and have high usability on mobile phones and tablets.

It is a very important concept that users and search engines use to rate websites. It is important to consider it when planning to create a webshop or website.

Now that you know about responsive design, you understand that your website will never be able to compete with your competition without it.

Don’t worry – even if you already have a website that isn’t mobile friendly, this problem can be solved with the help of a specialist.

Services For Web Design Checklist 4 – Your Buyer’s Journey

As mentioned, people love visually pleasing items. We have a natural tendency to remember something that is well designed or good looking rather than that that isn’t.

A good looking website makes visitors want to stay. Its structure is designed to cater to the users’ experience. Flowing from one stage of the buyer’s journey to another, your potential customer gets everything he needs on your website.

Awareness >> Consideration >> Decision

There is no chance of his bouncing to your competitor’s shop to fulfill his requirements.

Services for web design

Services For Web Design Checklist 5 – Build For SEO

You should look at your website’s design as an important investment because it can really pay off.

When your web design agency provides SEO website design services, they can incorporate it into your layout and structure.

Without additional future cost, powerful search engines like Google will direct high demand customers to your web site. You’ll attract more visitors and have higher quality traffic on your website.

Isn’t it good? It’s perfect.

Conversely, bad web sites design will do more harm to your business than you think.

Search engine algorithms rank web sites without the above mentioned features and considerations lowly.

Bad design will ensure that your ecommerce store never sees the light of day.


If your website looks unprofessional and chaotic, a potential buyer will assume that it is a reflection of your business. If a design is bad and looks messy, it can bring distrust to the client or visitor.

Nobody wants to buy from someone whom they feel doesn’t take his business seriously.

A professional website design agency has the experience and know-how to develop your website and bring out its full business potential.

Hiring a reliable web site design agency could be your best investment in your business.

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