Customer Centric Change Management: Plugging Online Marketing Gaps

Technological changes have resulted in changes in consumer behavior and how successful companies operate to serve their valued clientele.

Blazing Conversions notes that technology has impacted how customers think, research and buy.

customer centric change management

There are now multiple touch points along the buyer’s journey. During this age of instant gratification, customers want a seamless experience between them.

More than ever before, businesses have to ensure that their communication is effective, timely, consistent and relevant.

Why Is Customer Centric Change Management Important?

Change management is the process of adapting businesses to the internet age. It involves developing customer centric processes across all corporate functions to take advantage of data and technology. 

Customer centricity involves responding to changing customer desires in a manner which best fits how clients want to be served. It includes incorporating new communication channels, getting feedback and developing relationships.

This is often the biggest missing piece in marketing strategies of many businesses.

Blazing Conversions integrates marketing functions into the essence of organizational departments with the focus on customer centricity.

This ensures brand relevance in times of changing consumer behavior.

Brands that have superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors. (Forbes)

Digital Marketing Agency and Transformation Consultants

Marketing is no longer simply a department or an activity. Instead, it is a vital part of daily operations.

Successful companies habitually focus on adding value to customers.

Every team member understands the importance of integrating customer centricity into their day to day functions.

Every department works with the concept of adding value to the customer in mind while making it easier for other departments to do the same.

Companies that don’t do so risk alienating modern customers and becoming irrelevant.

Create a Seamless Multi-channel Experience

Today’s consumers are not tied to a single channel. They browse in-store, shop online, share feedback through mobile apps and ask support questions on social media networks.

Technology has empowered customers to get what they want, when they want and how they want it.

Enterprises that offer immediacy, personalization, accessibility and relevance to customers, will beat the competition.

Marketers who don’t deliver positive client experiences will lose out. It doesn’t matter how many channels are used, the customer journey will be ruined – and so will their brand names.

Essential Data Driven Inbound Marketing Strategies

You already have good products and services, now you need to serve them to suitable clients appropriately.

By creating information for prospects that speaks to their needs, wants, desires and pains, they will feel like they are talking to someone who genuinely cares.

Leverage on data. Prioritize metrics with the most impact.

For example, retail websites could be evaluated by number of sales, conversion rate or time on site.

Client Interaction via Website

Websites are important communication tools where brands meet their clientele.

Blazing Conversions specializes in developing websites for branding, marketing and ecommerce.

Through deep understanding of consumer psychology, the team creates high converting sales funnels.

Their growth driven designs have increased sales volume, average order and customer lifetime value; without requiring increased inventory.

Deliver Brand Messages via SEO & PPC

Brafton research reported over 70% of all purchase decisions begin on search engines.

AI driven SEO is a powerful strategy that allows companies to be easily found.

Google considers over 200 criteria in order to rank webpages with user experience being a major consideration.

Blazing Conversions SEO experts take into account technical, on-page and off-page aspects to ensure a user-friendly interface.

In doing so, they channel relevant customers to appropriate segments of the marketing funnel; depending on where they are along their specific buyer’s journey.

Brands and products are promoted via AI Pay Per Click Google and Facebook campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows for multi-variant testing to reach optimality faster – only relevant clients are served ads. This reduced wastage translates into lower costs and increased campaign revenue.

Be it for brand awareness, engagement or sales, Blazing Conversions combines SEO & PPC to help corporations attract more customers and gain larger market shares.

Social Media Campaigns Build Brand Communities

Social media campaigns result in 24/7 customer engagement; improving brand image, influence and affinity.

By crafting effective social media strategies, Blazing Conversions helps companies develop strong brand cultures and active communities.

Building trust and authority; they turn leads into repeat buyers and raging fans for businesses.

Social media fans often share content, leading to peer to peer endorsements and extremely valuable free publicity! 

Customer Centric Change Management Final Words

Blazing Conversions are a professional change management consultancy and digital marketing agency. 

They give brands a leg up on the competition via a combination of customer centric management strategies, digital marketing techniques and modern consumer understanding.Blazing Conversions are affordable, results-driven and honest co-drivers of business who provide 100% focused proven advice and laser-sharp marketing that works.

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