Ecommerce product sourcing Agent Services Singapore

Our eCommerce Product Sourcing solutions find you reputable suppliers to buy quality products at a good price.

eCommerce Product Sourcing Agent

Helping you find winning products to sell on your eCommerce platform

A great product can make a world of difference in terms of business revenue.

As the world gets more interconnected and consumers become increasingly informed, sourcing for high earning products becomes increasingly challenging for businesses.

As your dependable product sourcing agent, our eCommerce sourcing solutions will help you find high demand products efficiently through our extensive network.

This saves you the time and effort looking for the best balance of quality and price yourself.

Product Sourcing Agent

eCommerce Product Sourcing Process

What our product sourcing Agent team services encompass

In order to help you find an irresistible item  to sell that is in alignment with your business character, this is the process your assigned product sourcing professional will go through the following steps:- 

  • Understand your business niche 
  • Understand your current strategy to sell your products
  • Our product sourcing agent them then does the legwork for you based on the information provided
  • We share our research findings transparently with you
  • You decide which products you want to add to your offerings, your requirements and the quantity you want to order
  • We pass your order to the factory
  • Your order is shipped and sent to your designated location

Where Can I Sell the Products On?

Your dedicated product sourcing agent will advise you on the appropriate platform(s) to sell on.
The products that we help you to source can be sold on marketplaces like 

  • Lazada
  • eBay
  • Shoppee
  • Qoo10
  • Amazon

You can also sell it on your own website or shopify. 

As they are your own products, there are no restrictions as to where you can sell them. 

Do you Include eCommerce Strategy?

The short answer is Yes. This is a separate paid service that we provide.

While we have a sourcing department that offers sourcing services, we also have an online marketing team that can help you with your marketing strategy. 

We can help formulate an effective eCommerce strategy for you. 

We can also discuss with your marketing department on how best to promote your products; and develop a thorough marketing plan with you. 

Whether you want to dropship, sell it on your website or do offline retail, we got you covered. 

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