The #1 Strategy for radical duplication in Network Marketing System

In this post, you will find the #1 of all MLM strategies for fast duplication in network marketing. Period.

Have you ever wondered how a 18 year old behind a counter in a fast food or restaurant chain is able to run an operation that does in excess of $3 million a year in sales.

What gives?

A system.

It’s a system that can transform any teen or senior citizen into an efficient, productive and effective valued employee.

Having this kind of system with checklists to follow created a major leap in the chances of success of start-up businesses.

Franchises with comprehensive systems have a dramatically higher level of success than businesses operating without them.

It’s the same with your network marketing system.

Effective Network Marketing Strategies For Radical Duplication In Network Marketing

Most Teams, even the moderately successful ones in Network Marketing, don’t have a proper system.

Even if they do have, they do not have that precise execution.

It’s because they’ve built their network based upon numerous meetings, their sales talents or simply sheer charisma.

They call their key leaders 4 times daily; they hold enthusiastic rallies like it is election time or they are 24-hour-a-day sponsoring machines.

Source: Todd Falcone

40 Prospects Per Day Network Marketing Strategies

Or is it?

Now, have you met a person who prospects 40 people a day?

This kind of “MLMer” sponsors tens or even hundreds of distributors a year.


Firstly, they have the skills to do so. Secondly, they have no other choice! Their distributors leave as fast as they arrive.

They haven’t focused on duplication in network marketing. They need to replace the dozens who drop out.

Sounds familiar?

They make lots of money, drive nice cars, walk across the stage at their company conventions; go on holidays at exotic locations and take loads of “wefies” while there.

But they certainly aren’t living the lifestyle of freedom that they sell to others and surely aren’t controlling their own destiny.

They’ve traded enslavement to a boss for enslavement to their business.

The truth is, their efforts allow them to obtain results.

Unfortunately, their results are just not duplicable. They work hard and mean well, but will never achieve the passive income that they so badly crave.

The reason is that their average partner cannot do what they are doing to build their business.

Their partners fail and they themselves remain enslaved to a cycle that will never end. They can’t show others how to escape the rat race, because they themselves are still trapped in it.

Effective Network Marketing Strategies Are The Difference Maker

Radical Duplication In Network Marketing

A system gives you security, it helps you build depth faster, it allows you to build a culture of community and most importantly, it allows you to leverage your time and talents for maximum effect.

It gives you the opportunity to train people who can replace you quickly, which in turn allows you to accomplish your most crucial job.

The true success of your business comes from training other people to replace yourself.

Duplication in Your Network Marketing System

Then teach them how to teach their people the same thing. This is when you can get quantum leaps in EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!

You’ll move away from employee fixed income, you’ll move up from product sales linear income and discover leveraged income.

This is where you create a large, growing organization which markets your products or services

This provides individual members a big support base. Encouraged, it makes the business work for those who have a strong fear of rejection.

Your network marketing system should spell out completely the entire process that a distributor will follow from fast start beginner training to team leader training.

It should also describe where to find company resources and information. It should also include where to find prospects, how to approach, sponsor and train them to reach higher advancement ranks.

Each stage in this process must be written down and taught to the distributor at the appropriate time.

Everyone appreciates where they are currently in the network marketing structure.

This way, your distributors know where they stand in the scheme of things and know what the next step for them should be.

These components are the foundation for creating solid, ongoing replication in your team.

While it is possible to get massive amounts of lead generation via the internet, the above are the foundation of building a strong stable team and ensuring duplication in network marketing.

Remember, you are looking for ways you can systemize, automate and scale your processes.

Want to build a sustainable network marketing system?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this enlightening information about network marketing business.
    I enjoined a network marketing business and I have about 10 down lines. Out of the 150 prospects I contacted. I have not been able to make any progress since then. And I have been paid only N30,000 only and received some products.
    Please what I need to do to progress.

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