Why SEO Branding Strategy Is Important For Businesses

Branding strategy

SEO branding strategy is a topic that people seldom talk about. And if they do talk about it, it is mostly from a technical viewpoint.

While the technical aspects are important for SEO application, how you use them for business is even more so.

You see, people do not make buying decisions based on cold hard facts alone. They rely upon their

  • interpretation
  • perspective
  • personal values
  • beliefs
  • circumstances
  • life experience
  • emotional state
  • gut feel
  • peer reviews

Looking at the list above, none of these can be classified as “technical”. They are more psychological or “human like” if you will. So, if you understand how humans make decisions and make purchases, then half of your entrepreneurial battle is already won.

The next half of the battle is dependent on how you use SEO as a branding strategy to enhance your image, boost your credibility and positively affect your website visitors’ emotional state. When properly executed, visitors become leads who want to have meaningful conversations with your brand.

Let’s explore a little further, shall we?

What Exactly Is A SEO Branding Strategy?

SEO, as you already know, is both an art and science to rank a web page (not website) on search engines using a targeted keyword.

So using that definition above, you can use relevant keywords to portray your business in a manner that you want others to see.

For example, if you operate an accounting firm in Singapore, you may want to optimise the keyword phrase “Singapore professional accounting firm” or “leading accounting firm”. This way, when your web page is shown on the first page of search results for that keyphrase, your visitors will already have a good impression of your accounting firm before they even visit you.

Specifically, they’ll have an image that yours is a professional and reliable service.

But why is it so?

It is because everybody trusts search engines and the results they return. This trust factor is further amplified when the searcher is looking for a professional accounting firm and your webpage appears on the top of the results page.

An interesting point to note, leads that businesses capture in this manner are the highest qualified and most sought after.

How SEO Builds Your Brand

SEO, when used correctly, can build branding online for any business. As you have seen from the above example, this is one of the many ways how SEO can build your brand equity. Whether you are a soloprenuer, small business owner or an SME with a few more employees, you can leverage on specific techniques to build your business foundation.

At this stage, most would be curious and ask, “how then can SEO build my brand?”

You see, how people perceive your brand while searching for a solution to their problem, is based solely on the searcher’s intent.

From our previous example, if the searcher is looking for a professional accounting firm, they will type in “professional accounting firm”. If the searcher is looking for an accounting firm that serves small businesses, they may type “small business accounting firm”.

If they land on your web page and your web copy gives them exactly what they want and need at that time, their positive impression of your business will be further fortified. This is how SEO builds your brand without your even being involved in the actual process.

Here’s another example.

Say if you are a divorce lawyer and someone wants to look for a divorce lawyer in Singapore, you may want to consider to ranking for this keyword phrase “divorce lawyer Singapore”. (At the point of writing, “divorce lawyer Singapore” has 1000 monthly searches.)

So if someone clicks on your listing and lands on your page, they’ll immediately know your brand. They’ll know what your business stands for. Now, if you were able to rank highly on Google and have an additional 3-5 clients every month, how would that affect your business’ bottomline and position in your industry?

Is SEO A Waste Of Money?

SEO is a mid to long term game. It is true that poorly executed SEO strategies can lead to disastrous drops in website traffic. So make sure you stick with only white hat techniques and stay on Google’s good side.

That’s why, at Blazing Conversions, we execute our SEO processes in strict compliance with search engines rules.

Now, most people know that by not having a recognisable brand, the business has to work doubly hard in comparison to brands that are considered more trustworthy by online users.

With the power of online SEO Branding, you wouldn’t be surprised to find some “one man shows” looking more trustworthy in the eyes of both Google and visitors alike.

Yes, you guessed it correctly. It’s a level playing field in the world of online SEO branding.

That said, let’s not pretend that if Coca Cola and a lesser-known brand were each to publish the same post that the results generated would be the same.

People react differently when interacting with a renown brand as opposed to a business that’s still struggling to find its footing.

Fortunately for you, it’s possible to use SEO branding strategies to architect your brand awareness online.

There are 3 basic Types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO – In simple terms, this is what you include in the content of your website. The relevance of the content, the value it has to what is being searched for by users.
  • Technical SEO – This refers to the technical aspects of your site structure and how it aids search engine spiders to crawl your website. It is also related to the user experience of your website.
  • Off-Page SEO – A reflection of the credibility of your brand, it is associated to what other websites say about you. Big brands are often talked about by others. There is an affinity to want to be associated with good brands.

Link Building For Off-page SEO

seo branding strategy

This is the most obvious of the suggestions that we’ll make.

Brands recognise brands. That’s the basic idea behind this proposition. When established brands recognise your brand by linking their pages back to yours, online users are given the impression that yours too is a leading brand.

Branding is also about increasing your recognition. In the world of SEO, when another site links back to you, it shows that they have recognised your value.

Thus, we strongly recommend that you use every possible white hat link building tactic to build your brand.

Scour the internet for broken links, create infographics that other web owners will share, be active on forums and online communities until people and businesses start taking note of your presence and talking about you.

Write Optimised Content For Branding

The way you optimise your web content for search engines is the same way you should be optimising it for branding.

Content marketing allows you to spread the word about your business or brand. When infused with SEO, using exceptional content, what follows is enormous influence.

You can start by focusing on the content itself. You have a two-pronged approach to getting this right. The first is by focusing on satisfying the hunger that your audience has for fresh content.

While at it, be sure to abide by search engine policies and guidelines to stay in their good graces. In other words, you have to be a keen follower of ethical SEO practices as you watch your brand grow stronger day by day.

Use Long-tail Keyword Branding

The basic logic behind using long-tail keywords isn’t that they’re easy to rank. It’s because they carry the searcher’s intent whenever users are performing a search. This is highly effective when used in an all round SEO branding strategy.

In other words, consumers tend to be more specific when querying long-tail search terms. They’re more likely to take action compared to their counterparts running more generic, short-tail keywords.

Here are the different types of searcher intent in the SEO keywords:

· Navigational: The intent behind this keyword category is to access a specific website or brand. Users will query a search term and specify that they’re looking for a particular brand or domain (Coca Cola, Facebook, Quora, or Nike).

· Informational: Users will be looking for information. The information may be general, specific, or presented in more than one web page. It can be a how-to guide, review and so on.

· Transactional: Users looking for more information on how to complete a given task, like making a purchase, registering, or subscribing to something.

· Commercial: This encompasses all the run-of-the-mill searches that come immediately before a user makes a purchase (product description, price, etc.).

With long tails keywords, you can target a specific audience instead of casting your net too widely. They help you dig through the trenches for specific user intent and target the corresponding audience specifically.

The Price of Singapore SEO Services

The cost effective nature of SEO allows you to limit your budget and avoid overspending.

Being highly scalable means that you can monitor the performance of your campaign; making adjustments along the way while still managing your budget.

By investing in SEO packages in Singapore, and outsourcing your organic and local SEO services, you can access a wide array of platforms and tools that will improve the results of your marketing campaign. Not to mention, you engage a team of professionals who will plan, execute and manage your SEO strategies based on your business goals.

Basic packages offered by online marketing agencies would range from $500-$800 per month.

Mid ranged packages can cost between $900-$2000 monthly. As mentioned above, SEO is scalable, advanced packages are priced in the thousands.

Some bigger brands are actually deploying enterprise SEO which is pretty much complex both in the technical and SEO branding strategy.

The importance of growing a brand isn’t hard to grasp. But it is important to align your SEO branding strategy with your branding goals.

When starting an SEO campaign, it helps to think about your brand as a whole.

SEO should not be executed as an independent tool. It should integrated into all aspects of your existing marketing.

Contact Blazing Conversions SEO Agency for help with your SEO branding strategy. Our inhouse experts will listen to your needs and assess where you stand in terms of your marketing.

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