3 Proven SEO Online Lead Generation For Businesses

In this article, we discuss 3 proven SEO online lead generation strategies for business. So let’s get started.

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Does SEO Still Work In 2021?

Most business owners whom we consulted or have had casual conversations with have doubts on whether SEO would be effective for their businesses. Frankly, this is unsurprising and we can’t fault them for thinking this way.

Ask yourself, how many SEO experts have you heard of who promise the moon but fall short on delivery?

But the fact that you are reading this article is evidence that SEO works.

Let me explain.

You may have been conducting research on how online lead generation works or how SEO generates leads when you stumbled upon us. The fact that this article appeared in your search engine results page and that you are reading it now, is proof positive that SEO works.

You searched for a keyphrase like “online lead generation” or “generate lead online” and you were brought to this article. Now, try typing your own keyword (it can be your service or product or even a problem that your product or services solves) into Google. What results appear?

Did your competitor’s or you own web page come up? If what you see belongs to your competitor, then there is a high chance that your potential customers are talking to your competitor instead of you.

As you can see, SEO is more important now than ever before as consumers are getting increasingly internet savvy. They research online before they buy. This behavior suggests that the intention behind the search is a key factor in their purchasing decision. They have something in mind when they search.

Imagine if your clients had a problem that they wanted to solve or an itch that they absolutely needed to scratch; and your product could solve that effectively. But alas! They found your competitor instead of you. Wouldn’t that be a pity?

As you have seen above, SEO is very powerful and can be a big boon for your business.

So how exactly does one use SEO to generate leads online?

How Does SEO Generate Leads?

Broadly, there are 3 ways in which SEO can generate leads for a business. Before discussing them in-depth, one must first understand the 3 stages of a sales funnel or buyer’s journey.

The 3 stages are simply named, top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and end of the funnel. These translate into navigational, informational and transactional stages respectively.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look into how SEO can help your business generate leads online at each stage.

Online Lead Generation #1 – Navigational

Typically, for any buyer, their first stage online will usually be navigational or top of the funnel. During this time, they are aware that they have a problem that needs to be solved. However, they don’t know what the solution to it is. Hence, they are shopping around for a potential solution. They navigate around the internet in search of different solutions.

For most of us, when we don’t have to urgently fix a problem, we tend to browse through forums, social media sites and use search engines to find relevant articles to read.

If you want to attract this group of potential buyers and guide them through your sale funnel, you’d want to optimise for broader key phrases like “how to refinance your loan in 3 easy steps”, “which kindergarten is the best for my kid” or even “how to get your kids the best grade without scolding them”.

So as you can see, the intention behind those key phrases are navigational. They know they have a problem but are “window shopping for their solutions”.

Online Lead Generation #2 – Informational

The middle of the funnel is also known as the informational stage of the buyer’s journey. During this stage, your potential customers are done with shopping for solutions. They have decided on the solution that want to use and possibly even want to share with others too.

Articles and content created for consumers at the information stage, tend to be more detailed. They are more in-depth in the description of what the solution is, how to use it for best results and what to expect when you have used it.

You might be concerned that if you shared such specific information on the internet, your competitors might learn about your “secret sauce” and copy your ideas. But fear not, such content creates goodwill and showcases your skills and competence as the authority in the field. It breeds loyalty and turns readers into fans.

Take this article that you are reading now for instance, it is an informational piece. It explains more about what the buyer’s journey is and the psychology behind it. It educates the reader on how a marketing solution like SEO, when used with this in mind, helps clients find the solution that they are already looking for.

Having a flow between articles from 1 stage to the next in the 3 different stages helps our clients to choose the SEO packages that are best suited for them.

Customers in the middle of the funnel are very near to making a purchase. Thus, having a lead capture feature on your landing page in this portion of the funnel is highly advised.

Online Lead Generation #3 – Transactional

This is where the money is made. This is the transactional phase and it accounts for only 3% of all the people who enter your funnel. Most visitors would leave before they reach stage 3.

Why is this so?

Every day, people have problems they want solved but they are not yet at the stage of immediately buying. That is why, you will find most people in the top and middle funnel. They are searching and learning about how to solve a problem.

They will only buy when the itch is too great or the problem is beyond their means to solve. Hence, the 3%.

If you target only this group of people, you would have left out the rest of the 97% of your potential buyers. Hence, it makes sense to help the rest to move through the various stages to your high conversion transactional pages .

During the transactional phase, you will want to SEO your product page. On your product page, you would want to provide content that sells. Think about how your best sales person normally speaks to his prospects. Now express that in text, pictures and video.

If you are a service based company, showcase how your services can benefit them by including your phone number, a strong call to action and a demo or a trial. This will greatly increase your conversion rate.

A competent SEO consultant will walk you through these 3 phases.

Employ SEO and Direct Marketing

Although SEO is less direct than a pay per click campaign, it is arguably more important for building a customer base, branding, revenue generation and long term returns.

There are millions of search queries with commercial intents that cannot be filled directly online. These include services for accounting, legal, loans, construction etc.

Thus, SEO is a great online lead generation method for these businesses to reach out to users who are researching services and trying to learn more about what they are. When they are ready, these customers will contact your company to discuss ways that you can help them. It saves you time and effort to educate every inquiry on a personal basis. It also helps to temper buyer expectations.

As you can see, SEO online lead generation and direct marketing easily go hand in hand. Just that in SEO online lead generation, customers are self-educated and self-sorted as they go through your content. When your brand appears often in search engine results pages, your credibility, perceived value and status in the eyes of the public increases.

Is SEO Worth The Money?

By now, you would have seen for yourself how powerful SEO is when it comes to online lead generation.

Effective digital marketing strategies will boost your business and brand awareness among internet users. Online lead generation strategies are the new territory that marketers implement; to establish and maintain a strong and active presence online that generates profits even as you sleep. 

Therefore, through online lead generation, Singapore can lead in this new modernized age and become a marketplace all around the world.

A proficient online lead generation system will attract your audience by:

  • Defining the channels that best fit your demographics
  • Speaking their language
  • Connect with your audience’s viewpoints
  • Being culturally aware
  • Considering partnerships with strategic partners such as influencers
  • Focusing on action-oriented involvement and results rather than just the product.

You can integrate more than one marketing channel in your lead generation strategies to further expand your presence in the marketplace.

SEO is an investment that should begin sooner rather than later. Time is a valuable asset in SEO.

The longer you delay, the longer it takes to start garnering high value free traffic.

If you are keen on engaging our SEO services, you can contact us directly. Alternatively, if you are looking for more information before deciding, we have written an updated and expanded version of SEO package – The definitive guide.

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