How To Choose The Best SEO Price Packages in Singapore for Business?

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If you’ve dropped by while doing research on the type of SEO price packages in Singapore that you can choose from, then you’ve come to the right place.

During the course of your research, you might have wondered, “Does search engine optimisation work?”

Well, the thing is….. if you’ve been directed here by search engines and are still reading this post, you are proof that SEO works.

But the big question is, “How do you get SEO to work for you?”

Let’s explore together shall we?

SEO Cost Singapore – Why SEO Is So Expensive?

SEO takes time and the results are not instantaneous. Don’t expect to see results overnight. In fact, according to the Google whitepaper and Forbes, it takes 4 to 6 months before the impact of your SEO efforts begin to show.

So if you ever come across SEO Agencies that claim to be able to get your webpage onto the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) within a matter of days, make sure you run for the hills!

These companies do not own search engines and their claims are unrealistic.

SEO uses a combination of strategies and online sales processes to grow your presence steadily. This basically means you can’t grow a tiny seed into a giant oak tree the very next day. You’ll need to water and nurture it before you see it reach its full potential.

The point is, SEO requires work as well as patience.

For most people, all they want is to have their site rank on page one or as high on the SERPS as possible; all within a short period of time. The reality is that, SEO requires a lot of skill and a lot of effort. It is not just a matter of changing a few things and getting instant results.

Source: Whiskey SEO

What tasks are involved in SEO planning?

Let’s take a look at what tasks are involved in SEO.

  • SEO Audit

Before any good SEO company begins any SEO work, they must first understand how well your website is currently performing. They’ll conduct an audit on your website to determine what works and what needs to be improved on. Some companies offer free SEO audits while others offer paid ones.

The choice is yours to make.

  • Keyword Selections

Keywords are what people use to find your site online. There are 3 types of keywords, namely – informational, navigational and transactional.

You may have noticed that your website ranks highly for certain keywords but despite that, you are not getting any sales or enquiries coming in.

While there are many factors that can result in this situation (like the content of your website not converting), the most common reason is that the keywords that you are ranking for are not converting for you.

That’s bring us to an important factor – proper SEO requires expertise.

Let’s take the above example. Your website enjoys a high Google search ranking but it’s not converting your visitors into buyers for you. This means that while you have a high amount of traffic, that traffic doesn’t translate into sales.

Often, this is because the intent of the visitors isn’t to buy. Choosing the right keyword will target the buyers whose focus is to purchase your product. The result is website traffic that converts and higher profits for your business.

As more and more internet savvy people look for information online, the requirement of SEO professionals who understand the buyers journey becomes increasingly urgent.

Is the content relevant to the intent of the short attention spanned searcher?

Is the content at the top, middle or bottom of the funnel?

Is the copywriting of the content well written?

You might consider asking professionals the above 3 questions when you are shopping for SEO price packages in Singapore.

How Effective Is SEO?

Now that we know why SEO is expensive, let’s see how effective SEO can be for any business.

In case you don’t already know, SEO is a powerful online marketing strategy because of its effectiveness in the long run.

As the traffic to your site increases, the possibility of getting quality leads rises too. The main reason is that these people were online because they had a problem that they wanted to solve.

They found you on search engines, they appreciated what they saw on your website and they contacted you.

As you see from the simplified buyers journey above, it is not only cost-effective for any company to acquire leads in this manner, it also builds trust in your business even before the buyer meets your sales team.

Think about this for a second. Given the choice, would you prefer to have to go knocking on doors to make sales or would you prefer to have customers come to you?

While cold calling and paid advertising are still effective in their own rights, they’d require your going hunting.

SEO allows you to be the hunted.

When you are being the hunted, the perceive value your potential buyers have of you is high. That’s why they are searching you out and trying to contact you.

This is a topic unto itself. If you want to learn more, have a look at our definite guide to SEO for local businesses.

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SEO Package Types – Customised or Standard?

There are different types of SEO packages in the market offered by search engine optimisation agencies.

They are

  1. Customized packages
  2. Standard packages

Packages that are customized tend to be on the premium end of the scale. This often includes more optimised keywords, more written content, possibly a landing page or microsite for ecommerce optimization.

Customized packages are usually for businesses which have deeper pockets or are into enterprise level SEO.

The alternative type of packages are much more affordable and widely used by SMEs . These are Standard Packages.

There are 3 different tiers of Standard packages, – namely, the entry or starter level, the intermediate and the advance level.

These standard SEO price packages in Singapore usually suffice for most businesses to reap the benefits of SEO.

The main difference between these different tiers are the number of keywords optimized.

Now, one of the things we often advise our clients is, not to get too caught up with optimizing keyword from the get-go. There are other aspects of search engine optimisation that you’ll also need to consider in order to get good results.

In fact, we always suggest buying the package that best suits your needs and the budget that you have now.

The reason being that SEO takes time. You don’t want to place yourself in undue financial stress while waiting for the effects to be seen. The other reason is that, on top of the intended priority keywords you want to rank for, you will rank for multiple fringe keywords. This is not recommended unless you have a big marketing budget from the beginning.

For example, you might want to rank for “Singapore SEO Agency”, you may also be ranked for fringe keywords like

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The money spent on optimising fringe keywords could be better spent elsewhere in the beginning of your campaign. Remember, you can always start with a few keywords and scale up later on. At any point in time, you can ask the agency or consultant to add on keywords to optimize.

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Additional Tips to Choose the Best SEO Package for Your Business

Whether you go for a standard or a custom SEO package, there are a few important elements you should make sure are included. They include:

Keyword research and analysis – Keywords are critical for SEO, and the company / package you select to do the research and analysis for you should provide you with a complete set of reports showing you not only the most searched for keywords but also those that have the highest traffic and, most importantly, those that are the most profitable.

Tracking & Reporting –  A well-rounded SEO package should include a tracking and reporting system. The company should be able to keep you updated on the progress your website is making, and they should also be able to give you detailed information about the ranking changes caused by their efforts. You should receive a full written report with all of the details. 

Directory submissions – Most search engine optimization (SEO) services include submitting your site to various online directories as part of their service package. However, it’s important that you ask them to tell you which ones they’re going to use. 

Article writing – is one of the most undervalued yet powerful ways of promoting your website and the results obtained through other SEO activities. Using well written, well thought out SEO optimized articles to promote your site will help you obtain great results. While you may find this service a little expensive, the value added to your website will be priceless.

Recommendations – The Agency should offer suggestions regarding what else they can do to help your business succeed. A good client will always want it’s customers to prosper and will suggest the best possible ways for them to achieve their goals.

Find SEO Price Packages In Singapore That Work Best For You

Let’s recap what we have covered together above.

We learnt about the reasons why SEO is expensive to implement well. We also learnt about how effective SEO can be in the long run for growing your brand and company’s bottomline. Lastly, we discussed the 2 different types of search engine optimisation packages.

By now, most would already have the necessary information to decide the type of package they’d want to invest in. If you are one of them, we at Blazing Conversions are here to help and advise you along your SEO journey.

If you want to know more about our SEO packages and how they can grow your business, you can contact us.

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