How To Boost ROI Using SEO Services Singapore 2021

SEO Services Singapore

SEO marketing it’s one of the best tools to boost your ROI. An industry study shows us that 96% of all Google traffic goes to websites on the first page. That is why is so important to rank well and be on the first page on Google on your niche.

Thus, SEO should be one of the prime drivers of any digital marketing strategy.

SEO services Singapore is a unique landscape. Singapore has an extremely high internet penetration but the usage of SEO for business is very low.

The understanding of what SEO is and what it can do is uncommon knowledge. This offers a lucrative opportunity for the business man looking a competitive advantage.

SEO it’s a long term investment that will bring you a higher conversion rate. Hiring an SEO consultant to manage your SEO marketing will increase your profits and will allow you to take care of the other aspects of your business.

Let’s see how really SEO helps you with your business growth.

SEO services Singapore benefits:

First of all, good SEO experts will help you raise your brand awareness. How do they do this?

Firstly, there can be no brand awareness unless your brand is shown to your potential audience. SEO consultants help you rank higher on Google.

Over 80% of all internet traffic starts from search traffic. Customers search for solutions via search engines when they have a problem to solve.

Another way to raise your customer brand awareness is by writing good blog posts that direct to your site.

The content should be highly useful and relevant. Also, it should be displayed on sites with high authority.

A professional SEO agency is able to do this for you in a safe and productive way.

Done wrongly, your website could be penalized or worse, blacklisted, by Google. Your web site might miss the chance of ever being shown to customers searching for your product.

In this step, it’s important to understand user intent. The content should not only be relevant but also satisfy the user intent.

Relevancy is important. In 2016, a study done in Hong Kong showed that, at a primary level, search intent has two goals:

  • Finding general information about the topic. Searchers are in a state of curiosity and may have a wider scope of interest in a topic.
  • Finding specific information about topics. Users have a narrow search intent and are only interested in a fixed aspect of a topic. For example, they might be doing comparison studies about a product or looking for where to buy an item.

Meeting search intent is Google’s number 1 criterion for ranking a web site. It would be wise for you to keep that in mind when creating content for your web site.

How much does SEO Cost in Singapore?

The cost of SEO is dependent what the companies goals are and the timeline to which they want to achieve them.

Based on Google’s whitepaper, there are over 200 factors that affect webpage rankings. It will also take 6 months for the true effect of any action to show on search engines.

This is important to understand when putting aside an SEO marketing budget and managing your expectation of the results.

Based on extensive research by Ahrefs, the average SEO plan in the world costs About USD $2800/month. Meanwhile, Singapore companies can expect to pay anywhere between S$800-$4500/ month for typical SEO packages.

How much you pay will decide how many factors the digital marketing agency works on concurrently and how fast the changes will impact your results.

SEO is the key to every modern business

In 2017 E-commerce accounted for 2.3 trillion dollars of global sales and it’s expected that in 2021, this amount will be at 4.38 trillion dollars.

Investing in a reliable SEO strategy will allow you to enjoy a slice of the pie.

SEO is constantly evolving. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes while being relevant. This is why you should start looking SEO packages available on the market.

Better yet, speak to an SEO agency that will customise services that will best cater to your unique business needs. This will guarantee you that you have a strong, effective SEO strategy that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

SEO will help you capture demand even when searchers are unfamiliar with your brand.

To boost your sales with SEO you have tenacity in business.

Build a strong marketing team that is highly skilled in the topic or hire experienced external SEO consultants to develop and execute your SEO marketing for you.

SEO will increase the amount of high demand traffic to your web site. Over 53% of internet traffic begins with organic searches on search engines.

That means that you if have invested in SEO you are targeting over 53% of the total traffic on the internet.

This compares to only 15% for paid traffic.

Search results on the first page of SERPs (search engine results pages) receive 90% of all search clicks.

It is not wonder that companies which spend on implementing a thorough SEO strategy enjoy higher market share and profits.

The nice thing is that you only pay for the SEO service but not the SEO itself.

Once done, unlike paid advertising, SEO continues working without any additional expenditure.

SEO Services Singapore

Improved Customer Experience

An SEO web design is built inside and out with the target customer in mind. Every part of the site, including text, images, and videos are built to appeal and convert.

This improves user experience, a factor that Google and users appreciate highly.

An SEO agency incorporates an intuitive design into your web site structure. It provides easy navigation for your site visitors. It shows them that you care and they will appreciate the ease of finding useful, relevant information.

When people have a good experience, they tend to shop more, try new things, make repeat visits and share their experience with friends and family.

This results existing customer spending more and finding new customers for you.

Conversely, 88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return after having a bad user experience. Moreover, 44% of them said they would share the bad experience with at least 5 other people!

User reviews have a big impact on 94% of customers decision to buy.

Having an SEO web design will increase your bottom line by having an improved customer experience.

Final thoughts

Having a comprehensive SEO strategy is a major advantage for any Singaporean business.

It increases brand exposure, attracts more high demand customers, improves customer experience and increases the size of purchase values.

These, together with its low costs, result in high profits and larger returns on investments.

Contact Blazing Conversions SEO Consultants for all your SEO marketing needs. We look forward to partnering with you.

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