The SEO Singapore Guide for Entrepreneurs 2022

Updated for 2022

This SEO Singapore guide is regularly updated. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner looking to hire an expert or if you intend to perform search engine optimisation yourself, you have come to the right place. The fact is that we know that what you really want is simply to rank your website higher than your competitors’.

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While some find SEO magical, most are confused about what it is or does.

While SEO can be considered a marketing channel or strategy for businesses, it is important to see it as a mid to long term investment.

Having said that, not all businesses benefit from such marketing.

Businesses that sell products like toothbrushes, keychains and other small items are better off marketing on social media or pay per click campaigns.

Some businesses that benefit greatly from SEO include:-

  • Niche businesses
  • eCommerce businesses
  • Service based businesses (like plumber, massage)
  • Information based businesses

The reason why such businesses do well via this form of marketing is that they provide content to people who are already looking to readily consume just that. This in turn makes them the authority in their specific niches. Customers trust them and in turn feel safe buying from them.

Furthermore, customer focused content facilitates brand building; making it recognisable and the first to come to your client’s mind.

Source: Matthew Woodward

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of taking steps to help a website or piece of content rank higher on search engines.

There are many differences between SEO and PPC but the main difference is that SEO involves “organic” ranking, which means you don’t pay to be in that space. 

Search engine optimization is the process of taking an informational piece of content (like a web page or blog post) and making it as appealing as possible to search engines such that they show them towards the top of their search engine result pages.

How Does Search Engine Optimisation Work?

The main goal of a search engine is to provide the most relevant results to their users, which means they have to make sure the information on their website is as accurate, high quality and current as possible.

In order to do this, search engines such as Google and Bing will “crawl” various websites, and give these sites a “ranking” based on the quality of the information those sites. This helps them deliver more relevant search results for certain topics or keywords.

Similarly, search engines, will scan the web for websites that result in good user experiences. This means that user friendly websites that are easy to navigate garner a higher score and end up in higher positions on result pages.

By making your website more user friendly, you expand your visibility on the Internet. This helps you reach and engage more potential customers. You should also aim to create engaging content. It increases your chances of bringing in more targeted organic traffic. 

Is SEO Free?

As your SEO Singapore guide, we have to address this commonly held belief.

One of the reasons why there is a misconception that SEO doesn’t cost money comes from the fact that the marketing cost it incurs is very different from that of an ad campaign.

In the latter, lead generation stops once your campaign budget is used up. Your ads no longer show.

Whereas the effect is lasting and continues until the day you decide to delete the content from your website. In this way, SEO works for you forever.

Thus, while search engine optimisation is not free, it is highly cost effective.

As SEO takes time to implement and for results to show. Your site rank on Google, ROI and amount of internet traffic generated is dependent on the budget you set aside for it.

Is SEO Cost-Effective?

If you have used search engines to research a product, looked for reviews or where to buy it, before actually making your purchase, then SEO is already working for the business that you have patronised.

It has been widely accepted that SEO is highly essential for businesses due to its powerful effect on branding, gaining market share as well as its high ROI.

By now you already know that search engine optimisation is a mid to long term marketing investment.

It is one of the most cost effective marketing methods as it focuses on internet surfers who are actively searching for your services and products online.

It’s inbound nature reduces the required marketing budget and also the effort to generate new leads. This is especially true when compared to outbound strategies like road shows and cold calling.

As SEO targets users who are actively looking for services similar to yours, the traffic generated is one of the most highly qualified and sought after forms of new leads.

SEO Singapore Guide – Pricing

There are various factors that would affect how much you’d pay for search engine optimisation services. The biggest ones to consider are – How your business fares against the competition in your industry? How competitive is your niche? What are the demands and requirements of your target audience?

Run a search on “SEO package Singapore” and you will find that the average cost can vary dramatically depending on the amount of search traffic available in your particular niche. For example, you might only require a website tune-up to get you to the top of search pages if you are the only watch retailer in the suburbs. Meanwhile, the same action might only gain you a slight increase in traffic if you had a shop in a competitive metropolitan area.

Other considerations include your existing site structure, online digital presence, website content, local SEO, directory listings as well as external backlinks.

SEO Services Pricing Singapore

SEO if done right can help generate leads online.

Businesses with little online presence in competitive niches are likely to be charged with higher optimisation costs as compared to established websites.

Common SEO pricing models include hourly rates, monthly retainers as well project-based pricing.

Hourly rates range from $100-$200 per hour.

Meanwhile, monthly retainers that cost $700-$1800 are the most popular.

Project based packages often include website redesign, funnel building, integration of other marketing channels etc. The cost could be between $6000-$40000.

There are also enterprise packages which include various SEO strategies like PR, branding, good will articles and articles that cater to the masses. These articles are in the tune of thousands.

How Long Does It Take To See SEO Results?

Rather than debating or giving you “hear-say” information like most do, why don’t we hear directly from the horse’s mouth. Below is a clip from the Google webmaster Youtube channel.

 You can bookmark this video at

While this video was released in the year 2017, it confirms that the time it takes for a website to rank on search engines is roughly 4 months to a year.

Depending on the exact scenario, the process of ranking your particular web page can be affected by factors that include the credibility of your website and how competitive the market you operate in is.

The results of SEO grow over time. Thus, the impact of the same effort will be considerably less at 4 months as compared to 12 months later.

By now, you already know that search engine optimisation shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix because it is a long term marketing strategy that will decrease your cost per lead overtime.

With proper forward planning and investment, SEO can be the marketing tactic that will ensure your best marketing ROI.

So if you want to know if your site can rank fast, talk to our SEO consultants. They will advise you on your best course of action.

Can You Do SEO Yourself?

Now, while it is possible to learn how to perform SEO yourself, it is best to leave it up to the experts. The reason is that you will want to concentrate on revenue-producing activities that move the needle for your business. After all, nobody knows your core business better than you do.

Such activities include things like creating new networks, structuring better offers, finding more ways to sell to your target audience. Thus, it makes sense to leave it to the specialists. Free up time for yourself to concentrate on these productive actions and more.

If you were to have an inhouse SEO department within your company, you’d have to fill the following roles,

  • Content writer and creator
  • Keyword researcher
  • Guest blogging outreach and backlinking
  • PR writer
  • Technical guru

Assume that you were to pay each person fulfilling each role a conservative $2000 monthly salary, that would be $10,000 per month in total. Add on the office space, computers, equipment and staff benefits, what would be the impact of this team on your cashflow?

By outsourcing your SEO to a specialist, not only will you free up precious time, you will able to save costs and maximize your returns in the long run.

Does this make sense?

Hopefully, through the above example, you are now able to see the benefit of outsourcing your search engine optimisation to a credible SEO agency like Blazing Conversions. And in the process you’d be able to save a substantial amount of your digital marketing budget.

By now you already know that SEO requires time before you begin to see results. Therefore, we recommend your using it to complement your existing paid channels first. This will allow you to leverage your current efforts for increased overall marketing impact. With the added revenue earned, you can scale your SEO endeavours in future stages of your campaign.

This will not only lower your paid advertising cost, it will also allow you to collect data that you can use in your SEO execution too. Let’s now take a look at a typical SEO ROI Metric.

Measuring SEO ROI Metric

Here’s a typical ROI metric based on our experience handling various clients across different industries. It should shed more light on how to calculate how much you should spend on SEO.

Now, before we jump the gun, return from SEO can mean any or all of the following:

  • sales
  • views
  • leads
  • downloads
  • subscriptions
  • comments
  • impression

In this example, we want to use a metric that will give a quantifiable commercial value to this return and to calculate the ROI of your efforts.

Example –

Monthly organic traffic is 100, 000 visits per month. You hire an SEO agency for $40,000 per month. Your unique visits increases by 5000. Out of these 5000 people, 500 people make a purchase and become your lifetime customers.

If the average profit per customer over the time she stays with you is $500, the profit earned from the campaign would be $500 x 500 new buyers = $250,000

ROI = Lifetime profit/ cost of SEO = $250,000 / $40,000 = 6.25

That’s over 6 times the return on your investment!

Now you know how to calculate your ROI, you understand why SEO is so scalable. As results will start to taper after a certain point, you will know where to set your budget limit. Thus, ensuring that you do not overspend and maintain an attractive positive ROI.

Most freelance SEOs in Singapore will happily promote their packages and execute for cheap rates but search engine optimisation is a service in which you get what you pay for. It is important that you factor in your overall business ethos and operations.

It is really a chicken and egg concept.

Do you have a nagging indecision of whether to choose a one time deal with a freelancer or a monthly retainer with a Singapore SEO agency? If you do, then the questions you need to ask yourself are,
“How much do I want to build my long term digital asset?”
“How much is it worth to me to reduce my cost of acquiring a new customer or lead?”
“Do I really want to have these articles and content pieces that behave like automatic 24/7 sales persons?”

If your answers are “a lot” and “yes”, then getting a monthly retainer package with a Singapore based agency is the best decision you’ll ever make.

SEO Singapore Guide: Is It Worth Hiring An SEO Marketing Company in Singapore

As you have seen, it makes sense to hire professional help.

The truth is if you don’t do SEO, your competitors will. As long as search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing exist, SEO will be relevant because your potential customers will continue using them to search for your products and services.

The question is, do you want your potential customers to find you or your competition during their searches?

While we know that paid advertising is an irresistible offer to take up, it should not be the only channel in your marketing endeavours. It should complement low cost or free methods like SEO or marketplace listing (if you are doing eCommerce).

So now, you understand more about SEO and the considerations around it.

If you find this “SEO Singapore Guide” informative, feel free to share or comment below.

Alternatively, if you want your web page to be found by people searching for your services or products online, we are more than happy to help you through our SEO services.

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