Singapore Business Consultant Reveals How To Escape Tough Situations

Here’s a quick parable of the Singapore business consultant.

Hundreds of years ago, in a small town, a merchant owed a large sum of money to a money lender.

He had worked day and night but the interest rate was too high and the debt kept accruing.

He begged his creditor for mercy. The money lender was a scheming and cruel man who fancied the business owner’s daughter.

He offered to wipe out the businessman’s debt provided he could marry the businessman’s daughter.

Seeing that the merchant was very reluctant to give up his dear daughter, the cunning loan-shark said that he would leave it to a game of chance.

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Singapore Business Consultant – The Tough Situation

He would place two pebbles into a bag, one while and one black.

The daughter would reach into the bag and pick out a pebble. If she picked BLACK, she would have to marry the money lender. If it was WHITE, she wouldn’t have to marry him. Either way, the merchant’s slate would be wiped clean.

Standing on a pebble-strewn path in the businessman’s garden, the loan-shark bent over and picked up two pebbles.

The merchant was in tears as he feared that he would lose his beloved daughter.

Meanwhile, his daughter noticed that the money lender had picked up two black pebbles and placed them both into the bag.

He then asked the daughter to reach into the bag and pick one.


The Singapore Business Consultant’s Daughter had 3 choices:

1 REFUSE to pick a pebble from the bag and see her father suffer to repay the debt.

2 Take both pebbles out of the bag, expose the loan-shark for cheating and incur his WRATH.

3 Pick a pebble from the bag knowing full well it was black and SACRIFICE HERSELF for her father’s freedom.

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She drew a pebble from the bag, and before looking at it, ‘accidentally’ dropped it into the midst of the other pebbles on the path. She said to the loan-shark;

“Oh, how clumsy of me! Never mind, if you look into the bag for the one that is left, you will be able to tell which pebble I picked.”

The pebble left in the bag was obviously black, and seeing as the loan-shark didn’t want his dishonesty exposed, he had to continue as if the pebble the daughter dropped was white. Thus, clearing her father’s debt as promised.


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Sometimes, when in tough situations, you might not be able to see a way out.

During such dire circumstances, it is important to remember that giving in is not the only option.

You can fall back on others.

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