How to bring down your social media advertising cost in Singapore?

Social media is used worldwide and most companies in Singapore use Social media as advertising.

Providing the ability to connect, convert and attract1 billions of users globally, it has become a vigorous force that has generated millionaire entrepreneurs. 

Have you considered using social media as advertising for your business or brand? You can boost your brand recognition and broaden your target audience through a thorough social media campaign.

While extremely powerful, when your marketing budget can be exorbitant if you do not actively bring down your social media advertising cost in Singapore.

Your social media campaign can consist of content marketing and paid advertising on social media platforms.

However, you need to keep costs in check when you are addressing social media for a startup or a company with limited budget. 

Your social media marketing budget can rapidly spiral out of control if you start financing elaborate content, publishing expensive advertisements, or buying media tools.1 

Therefore, it is imperative to take a lean tactic to social media management by removing needless costs without altering performance. 

It is crucial to keep costs under control while obtaining the desired results. Utilizing social media marketing agencies can provide you an insight into the best social media strategies that will make your business flourish.

There are many ways to maximize your social media marketing budget. An efficient social media campaign should highlight certain aspects of your business.

Social Media As Advertising Tips

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Understand your audience

Competent social media strategies are able to draw in potential customers through innovative and compelling products. 

However, you have to be careful and stop wasting resources marketing to customers outside your target audience. 

Hence, you have to get acquainted with your customers to utilize your social media as advertising in an efficient way.

Facebook Audience Insights is a useful tool to understand what appeals to your audience.2 You are able to visualize which Facebook posts produce the most views or likes and focus on producing the type of content that attracts more customers. 

Additionally, you can see the demographics of the viewers of each post, whether the content engages the female or male population, and if it attracts a specific age range etc. 

Upon understanding your audience, you can apply templates to produce buyer personas and create an advertisement that attracts your target market. This way you can achieve your marketing goals without frivolous spending. 

Select the correct social media platforms for your brand

You may be tempted to capitalize on every social media channel out there to widen your business’ services in front of your target audience.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linked and many more are available as prospective platforms for your social media campaign. 

Analyze your audience and understand them better. See what their preferences are, which platforms they tend to hang out on, the type of content format they like to consume etc.

If your audience likes photographs and visuals, you can create an Instagram business account and engage with your clientele in a more personal manner.3 This account can be linked to your Facebook page or website of your brand, allowing you to expand your audience. 

This way, you can center your social media strategies on platforms where your audience is most active and reduce wasted content. Therefore, you can save time and energy, and reach your social media marketing goals more rapidly. 

Social Media Strategies should Prioritize organic engagement first

It might seem smarter to pay and sponsor your content since the organic approach takes time to gain traction. 

Nonetheless, spending on elaborate ads and paying to boost posts can diminish your social media marketing budget. 

Furthermore, content marketing results in six times as much traffic as paid advertising on the internet. Consumers who arrive at your website via content are 3 times more likely to make a purchase as compared to those who arrive by clicking on advertisements.

social media advertising cost in Singapore

Therefore, you should always be more inclined towards organic content as part of your social media campaign.

For example, viral content is in high demand. You can start posting video content. Video streaming has become part of many social media strategies due to users’ strong tendency to share video content.3  

Organic engagement is the number one advantage that social media platforms have over other forms of advertising. You can us them to garner interest, answer queries, quell doubts and convince customers for the sale.

Businesses that leverage this are best able to lower their social media advertising cost in Singapore .

Social Media Ads

That said, over the past years, the number of people who watch videos on Facebook has increased immensely. 

A recent study shows that 71% of the people polled said that they find sponsored videos appealing. Most viewers remembered the brands after viewing their videos. 

Another approach can include creating polls to engage with your customers. Let’s say you own an ice cream shop and want to attract more customers. Create a poll about new flavors you want to create. Your customers can give their opinion by voting. 

This way, you engage your customers; showing them that you care about what they want. They will visit your ice cream shop with their friends to try the flavours that they had a hand in creating themselves!

These tactics augment engagement and loyalty while creating high-quality content free of charge.

Use of free tools

There are many free options that can provide you more value out of a limited budget and increase your social media as advertising. For example, Facebook’s scheduling tool can help you handle basic post scheduling without requiring extra fees. 

You can also create an appointment platform on your Facebook business page and allow customers to view your availability. 

By allowing your clients to make an appointment on an automated platform, you increase your own efficiency and the need for additional manpower. 

For instance, you own a hair and nail salon. You can create a Facebook business page and permit your customers to schedule appointments through it; reducing waiting line at your shop. 

Moreover, you can provide feedback to your clientele about special promotions or the best hours to visit on the page itself. 

There are free tools, like Facebook Audience Insights, on the market. They provide data and demographics analysis. By studying the data, you can make better business decisions based on consumer behaviour. 

Invest in the paid tools for your social media marketing budget.

A paid third-party tool might be necessary to promote your business, whether it is establishing flexible scheduling, customer relationship management, social listening, or any other advanced feature that will suit your target market. 

Just remember that you have to select the ones that provide the best value before you decide to invest in them. 

Use These Guidelines To Select A Good Social Media Marketing Tool:

  • Look for an intuitive user interface (UI). You should be able to easily find and access the features you need without having to call a hotline operator. A simple UI makes it easy for your employees and clients to use the tool.
  • Look for an affordable price. There are many free tools out there. But, if you are serious about growing your business, I suggest you invest in a paid tool. However, be careful when you are shopping around. You don’t want to end up with a poor tool that costs more than you can afford. 
  • Look for support. Most of the paid tools offer support either through phone, live chat or email. Make sure the tool you select offers 24/7 support. If not, at least make sure you have access to support whenever you need it.
  • Look for integrations. Paid tools should integrate well with other marketing tools you might already use. For example, if you are using Google Analytics, make sure the tool you select allows you to export your data easily into it. Look for tutorials and documentation. The tool should provide you with clear and easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the tool.

Assess your results and recalibrate your approach 

Once you have established a well organized social media strategy, let your first campaign run its course. Then analyze and evaluate the associated data. Let the data guide your decisions regarding your subsequent campaigns.

To do this, you have to review your social media metrics on a regular basis. Track social media return on investment (ROI) and evaluate whether you have achieved your monthly goals. 

Always let consumer data rather than old school best guesses guide your business decisions. 

They will increase your productivity, engagement, brand awareness, sales etc.

Understand the effectiveness of user-generated content

An excellent way to increase engagement with your clientele even more is by utilizing user-generated content by reposting videos or other content created by your biggest fans.

For example, you can repost the video of a customer eating your new chocolate fudge strawberry cupcake from your bakery shop. Their friends will see it on social media; resulting in more likes, comments and shares.  

This way, you widen the target audience of your content by engaging your consumers in a fun way. Your get viral marketing without increasing marketing cost. Do not forget to ask for permission to repost content though.

You can also involve your current customers and prospects in your marketing efforts by asking them to create content such as surveys, questionnaires or simply asking them for their opinions.

You might be surprised at how much good will this will engender amongst your customers and how much valuable information you will be able to gather.

Don’t underestimate the power of such user generated content. According to research, such “word-of-mouth” recommendations are 25 times more influential than any other form of advertising. When fans create and share content about your brand, it is basically free advertising.

And it works! Studies show that 70% of people who receive a referral from a friend or associate will purchase something from that company. So don’t overlook this channel.

It is the least expensive way to get new customers and drive traffic to your website but it has the most powerful ROI. Don’t overlook the value of this channel. Use it often!

social media advertising cost in Singapore – Final thoughts

Whether you use content or paid advertising, social media can be a powerful source of advertising. With its vast outreach and eager user base, it pays to engage your customers where they are.

Develop a thorough social media advertising campaign and implement it well. You will find that it can be a very cost effective marketing strategy. Doing so requires skill and experience. It could be expensive otherwise.

You might want to engage a professional social media marketing agency to help you bring down your social media advertising cost in Singapore.

Contact Blazing Conversions Digital Agency to see how you can implement social media marketing into your business or improve your existing campaigns without blowing your budget.

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