How to use Social Media Advertising in Singapore to Impact Business

Social Media Advertising

Social media Advertising is the means by which a brand uses social media platforms to connect to a wider section of audience. 

Social media advertising in Singapore can be in the form of 

  • content marketing where information is posted on social media pages
  • paid advertising where banner ads are shown as users surf through social media platforms

Social media advertising in Singapore

A social media campaign can aid brand building by driving the traffic flow to your website. The number of people who uses social media daily keeps on growing hence the information should be properly packaged to connect to more people. 

Entrepreneurs can use Social media advertising in Singapore as a form of online marketing to reach their customers.

In today’s internet world, there are 2.9 billion social network users worldwide. Social media advertising has become the most powerful means of communication. 

Unlike before where businesses used fliers, word of mouth, TV, and radio to market their products, social media has improved the way businesses interact with their customers on real-time bases. 

Instead of calling or visiting the business, many consumers prefer the use of an online platform. 

The best platform for social media adverting is Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Due to high competition in the market, brands should learn to offer their products differently and connect to their consumers.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness occurs when potential customers are made aware of your brand and your products. By running social media campaigns, more relevant people will know about your product and understand its benefits. In the long run, you will gain more sales and revenue.

It may take some time for a startup to build a brand, the use of carefully crafted content can lead to a substantial increase in followers. 

Another way of creating awareness is by boosting your Ads to reach different targets, and this is usually paid for. 

Your business’s social media profile account makes it even easier for the consumer to find you as it includes details of your website, contact, product information and images of products offered. Basically, it should provide a consumer all your information in one place. 

Social media advertising in Singapore

Brand Loyalty

When customers are committed and make repeat purchases from a specific brand; it reflects brand loyalty. 

This can be achieved by having consistent advertising to your audience, while having proper brand positioning, with great content on your channel. Your consumers feel happy and always want to come back for more. 

Your business needs to stand out from the competition and be heard. Brand loyalty results in your customers staying with you after having found you.

By interacting with the audience, customers tend to develop trust. Hence, loyalty is achieved.


Consumers and brand owners receive instant information through online interactions. Communication has enabled businesses to share their brand stories and product offerings. 

A positive comment about a product can influence a lot of consumers in purchasing the very same product.

Many brands prefer to communicate with consumers through the use of social media advertising in Singapore as it will reach a wider range of consumers quickly. 

This saves the cost of media prints and advertisements on TV and radio. 

Communication can be utilized to share new products, promotions as well as other information that needs to be shared. 

On many occasions, organizations including governments have embraced the use of social media as a communication tool.

Most businesses hire a social media manager who is in charge of the company’s profile account and given access to interact and connect with the consumers. 

Alternatively, some businesses prefer the content being published to be reviewed by different people before being posted. This occurs to limit potential misinformation due to human errors. 

By posting regularly and making sure the content is accurate and interesting to viewers, this will generate traffic flow to your account.

The use of communication on social media has helped in creating awareness and greater market share for businesses. One can order a product online on Facebook and have it delivered to the doorstep of the buyer in a totally different country. 

Social Media Advertising


Business goals, targeted audience demographics and the content should be considered when setting up your social media marketing campaign. 

When you have loyal followers, you can market your products to them on their preferred platform. Each platform has unique characteristics and audiences. It is prudent to speak to audiences on different platforms in the language that they are most comfortable with. 

It is also important to market to them in the media they most like to consume. For example, if your followers are on Instagram, market to them via images.

You can also do cross promotions with complementary businesses or with online personalities (also known as influencers) with large numbers of followers. These businesses or individuals will market your services to their fans and in turn, you gain more followers too. 

Through social media, a business can view its competitor marketing strategies. They can consider doing the same but in a better way. 

Different companies use different ways of marketing, to reach their audiences. 

It’s the responsibility of the business owner to stay ahead of the curve and competition. Have fresh content, be interesting and stay relevant to your audience.


A business can further its success and growth through an online survey. It can be conducted by an independent company or hire influencers to drive the survey. 

Survey questions have to be crafted to understand your target audience better. When you understand your audience profile better – age, gender, preferences, location, problems, ideals etc; you will be better able to serve them.

Surveys can also be used to gather feedback on products being offered by your company. The data will enable you to create better and more suitable products to meet your customers’ needs.  

Use the information derived to create content that engages your customers and would be customers.

Social media advertising in Singapore – It’s a wrap

Social media advertising in Singapore has one of the largest reaches of any form of advertising.

Pick the right channels to engage your customers and would be customers. A well thought out and well implemented social media marketing campaign will grow your brand equity quickly.

With a large group of eager and loyal followers who have you constantly on their minds, you will have a rewarding time on social media. You will also enjoy high sales volumes and a successful business.

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