Social media advertising Singapore- maximizing value for startups

Yearly, huge amounts of money are poured into social media advertising Singapore space.

However, boosting marketing dollars is a worry for all companies, especially startups with limited budgets and concerns over cost benefits. 

Since resources and budget are limited, a social media campaign is a perfect outlet to start building your business or brand’s prominence. Over the past years, interactive media strategies have risen as a low-risk, high-reward marketing initiative for young businesses to produce potential buyers and interact with key influencers without draining your finances. 

There are hundreds of different social media strategies, and one brings in consistent sales from day one is social media advertising. Therefore, it is necessary to be instructed on the how tos by social media marketing agencies as they provide an insight into its tactics and strategies.

Social media has had a real and unequivocal impact on our lives, both from a personal and a professional perspective. 

Nowadays, most markets are conscious that new media advertising can set a role in helping to achieve performance indicators and goals. 


Take this into consideration: Facebook now has more than 2 billion monthly users, Instagram’s audience is 800 million, Twitter’s followers are reaching 400 million marks, and LinkedIn is the host to 500 million professionals today. 

In other words, 80% of all Internet users are using social media as a means of communication, where businesses can reach audiences all over the globe and increase your brand’s reputation.

Importance of Social Media Advertising Singapore

There are many forms of advertising platforms but social media advertising allows your content to reach billions in the shortest time. 

Digital marketing for startups is essential today but many startups are unsuccessful due to the lack of efficient social media strategies. 

Using social media strategies will boost your brand recognition, make your voice heard, and connect you with your potential users.

However, with a lack of understanding and without effective tools and tactics, you will struggle to obtain results. Therefore, a social media marketing agency is required to provide a detailed advertising how to guide and strategy. In this way, your full focus can be directed to your business’s core performance.

There are important approaches to start building your brand through social media advertising Singapore.

Source: Inbound Explained

For Effective Social Media Ads – Understand your audience

You need to design media content with a wide appeal or construct a community that attracts all clientele. However, you have to be careful and stop wasting resources marketing to people outside your target audience. 

Hence, you have to get acquainted with your customers to utilize your social media advertising efficiently.

Facebook Audience Insights is a useful tool to understand what appeals to your audience. You are able to identify which Facebook posts produce the most views or likes and focus on what type of content attracts more customers. 

Additionally, you can see the demographics of each post, whether the content engages the female or male population, and if it attracts a specific age range. Upon understanding your audience, you can apply templates to produce buyer personas and create an advertisement that attracts your target market. This way, you can achieve your marketing goals without frivolous spending.

Social Media Campaign – Influencing opinions & buying decisions.

Word-of-mouth marketing is acknowledged as being the most compelling route to get customers and increase your target audience. Word-of-mouth is more authentic than traditional forms of advertising because of its credibility. In fact, a recent study showed that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all forms of advertising, and 70% depended on online consumer reviews, including those from people they have never met.

In other words, a social media campaign provides the opportunity to have control over these reviews. Imagine you own a pizza parlor and a little league baseball team buys your services and they are delighted with a topping bar you offer. If they leave a positive remark, share it! You can re-tweet or post it on your website or Facebook page, and invite more customers to try your business. Social network posts and pages have a 35% influence on purchases.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Weighting the power of social advertising

Startups can leverage the power of internet media strategies through paid ads through different pathways. Some of the main highlights of social media advertising Singapore include:

  • Brand recognition: the more people are aware of your business, the more potential customers you obtain. Therefore, more credibility is granted to promising investors.
  • Perception building: Social media provides brands the convenience to help tailor how customers view and feel about them. A business can establish itself as an approachable market influencer and basically, attain trust.
  • Product distribution: Social media is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing paths for syndicating content and with advertising, you can extend your content to a broader audience.
  • Lead generation: Boosting gated content directly to your target clientele is one of the easiest ways to obtain information about prospects. Social media advertising permits laser-focused targeting so you can secure your leads to meet certain qualifications.
  • Customer purchase: If you increase your business’s credibility and awareness and extend your services in front of the right audience, you can convert prospects into leads and leads into customers. This item is where you indeed maximize the value of social media advertising.

In other words, social media advertising will help your business turn into a marketplace worldwide, which leads to the next point…

Social media advertising Singapore

Use Social media advertising Singapore to drive more traffic.

A social campaign is a powerful means of driving site referrals. 

All your social media platforms should be given the same importance as your business’s website or business page. They have to be visually appealing, provide updated content and be compelling enough to motivate a purchase or generate more potential customers.

Think of them as an extension to your business website or page. Every type of advertising, whether be it photos, videos, live streaming, products, or services, should all be contemplative of your brand for uniformity. 

It is essential to create a content calendar to make sure your posts are varied and cover a spectrum of categories (promotional, lifestyle, etc,) and include sales and popular promotions.

Also, it is imperative to create a user-friendly website to make it easier for your clientele to navigate and purchase your products. A great idea is to include links directly to product pages in your posts. 

Images are a big outlet, as statistics reveal that tweets and posts are 94% more likely to get reposted, and 89% more likely to get favoured over tweets or posts without images.

Use Mobile marketing

People utilize social media more on mobile than their desktop, consequently your social media posts must be mobile-centered. Many brands and businesses produce interesting and engaging mobile-focused social media campaign and it has produced a serious impact on their brand recognition and traffic. 

Let’s say you own an ice cream shop and want to attract more customers. Create a mobile poll about new flavor combinations you want to try and your customers can suggest the best option. This way, you appeal to customers and understand what flavor will attract more audience.

Social media advertising Planning

You have a wide range of approaches to using your social media as advertising – both paid and unpaid. It is a large marketing genre that has great value for businesses, especially startups.

Engage a digital marketing agency and use it to maximize the value of your startups.

Contact Blazing Conversions Social Media Advertising Agency today for a detailed chat.

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