Simple Social Media Marketing That Your Customers Can’t Refuse

Social media marketing

Most business owners don’t fully understand how to harness the power of social media platform marketing (SMM). With the right knowledge and help you too can use the power of social media marketing such that your customers can’t say no to you!

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a brand’s products and services. SMM provides companies with a way to reach out to untapped markets and nurture existing customers.

It can also be used to build brand awareness and promote their desired culture, tone and mission.

Things that we used to rely on as the main sources of information no longer have the same impact they had before.

Things like business directories, yellow pages and more importantly mainstream media’s radio, television and newspaper are obsolete in the internet era. With declining readerships, these organizations have moved to digital platforms.

Source: Marketing 360

Rise of Online Media Marketing

Mobile devices are with us 24 hours a day and the internet is constantly available. This means that we are now using our smart phones for nearly all of our daily information needs.

Naturally, they have become the internet marketer’s most valuable marketing tool!

The rise of platforms like Facebook have transformed how we view and gather the information we want to see. This makes social media marketing all the more important as business owners.

You now have the power to create a marketing strategy on social media to target your ideal customers and decide how your brand reaches them.

SME marketing strategy on Peer to Peer Networks

For small businesses owners to be successful with social media marketing, they need to allocate significant resources. Fortnightly or even weekly email newsletters no longer have the impact they once carried to get inquiries flowing in.

As mainstream media moves towards a 24 hour news cycle, we are constantly bombarded by information.

This is where a marketing strategy comes into play.

Social media marketing has become an important full time job. Some of the skills required by the SMM professional include

  • Strategic thinking
  • Writing ability
  • Content curation
  • Creativity
  • Excellent communication
  • Project management
  • Flexibility
  • Relationship building
  • Analytic skills
  • Community management

Yet not every business has the resources to employ a full time expert.

At the same time, existing staff members don’t usually have the extra time needed to concentrate on the marketing strategy on social media.

This is the reason why lean businesses hire external experts to plan and execute their social media marketing. Outsourcing gives them the flexibility to get the results they want without neglecting their core duties.

Social media marketing

How to begin your Online media plan?

A successful social media marketing campaign is no longer just picking a platform. For example, we don’t just choose to market on Instagram and dedicate all our time to it.

A successful strategy should firstly identify who the key audience the business is trying to target.

By doing this, your business identifies your ideal customer.

How much time can you allocate to managing your social media marketing?

Most people think a daily update on Facebook is enough to make a successful SMM strategy, but it isn’t.

You are relying on existing friends or followers to support you. If you only have 50 friends following you, your update or sales promotion will only be seen by this very limited few.

Are you spending time engaging and attracting new followers and potential customers?

How often are you engaging with your customers? What content are you sharing? When was the last time you posted on social media marketing platforms?

How successful can your marketing strategy on social media be?

If you are only relying on your existing social media accounts, how successful can your online marketing strategy?

You may make 5 posts a week on Facebook and Twitter when you have the time or aren’t distracted by the day to day running of your business.

What happens when you have a crisis? Does your social media marketing suffer?

What happens when the employee that you have tasked with posting your content calls in sick? What about when he goes on holiday or falls behind on other priorities? Will your social media marketing suffer?

To run a successful social media marketing campaign, ensure you have enough manpower to keep it going.

You want to use SMM such that your customers can’t say, “No!”

Social media marketing

Why you should hire a social media marketing company

When was the last time you created a social media marketing plan? And no, simply deciding to post on Facebook doesn’t count.

Small businesses can benefit greatly by hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency to help them increase their brand presence online.

  • A professional agency helps you identify who your ideal and existing customers are. The expert consultants also help to identify new potential customers who don’t yet know your business.
  • Marketing strategy on social media evolution will enable you to be among first adopters of new platforms, for example TikTok. Most above the age of 35 will roll their eyes and wonder what that is. But as of November 2019, TikTok has more than 700 million daily users. To put into perspective just how much influence TikTok has, the USA Today website has a daily readership of only 2.6 million. Is your business reaching your maximum number of potential customers?

Your results can be magnified when SMM is combined with other forms of publicity. You may be scratching your head and wondering, “Aren’t they the same thing?” No, they are not.

Are you using Paid Ads on Facebook, Email Newsletters, Blogging or SEO in your current marketing strategy on social media?

  • Are you using social media marketing for lead generation? Lead generation will allow you to target users on specific platforms who want your products and services. Adding this group to your customers increases your ROI. Using a social media marketing agency can help you optimize these results by taking all of the guess work out of the process for you.

Social media marketing agencies like Blazing Conversions, can show you how to incorporate all of these powerful tools to help increase your bottom line and improve lead generation.

  • Social media marketing professions use multiple platforms to get your message across the internet and to your new and existing consumers. They drive traffic through to your sales funnel, thereby increasing profit.
  • You can also expect to see an increase in your brand following (increase in followers across multiple platforms) using a successful campaign strategy on social media, which will deliver you greater user engagement.
  • One thing that businesses often overlook with their social media marketing is content creation. You might be asking yourself, what is that? Well, content creation is a vital part of your branding strategy on social media.
  • The more content you create, the more information you have available to share with your audience through the multiple platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Blogs and your email campaigns.

YouTube is an extremely powerful search engine, with over 1.9 billion logged in monthly users. Are you posting content on YouTube? Using services and content on platforms such as YouTube can help you create authority. The more videos you have, the more authority you create as a leading industry expert to your audience.

Creating superior content will encourage your audience to share it with their followers. Thus increasing the reach you currently have.

  • A social media marketing agency like ourselves helps develop and grow your brand loyalty. Your clients and customers will be telling their friends just how good you are.

Growing brand loyalty is a vital part of your marketing strategy on social media in 2020.  You can’t afford to be left behind and allow your competitors to gain a competitive edge.

Social media marketing agency

People underestimate the importance of using a professional social media marketing agency to help them. We hire experts for other services and to give us advice.  We should also use them for our marketing strategy on social media.

Professionals guide you with current and emerging trends that you can be the first to take advantage of. Having taken all the guess work out, you will be leading the way and not simply following what your competition do.

Using a reliable social media marketing agency like Blazing Conversions, will not only save you time but also improve your bottom line. Allow us to help you develop and execute a marketing strategy on social media that is tailored to your needs.

Our services include identifying who your customers are and what platforms they use. We aid in developing content to help you reach a greater audience and growing your social media marketing presence. Most importantly, we help to grow your bottom dollar.

Having a successful social media marketing strategy can help improve your brand’s outreach, increase your clientele and grow you business.  Contact us to help you do just that today.

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