Startup’s Guide To how a Technical SEO Agency uses Content Marketing

When your businesses hires a technical SEO agency, it is often in order to successfully drive traffic to your website, it is very important for you, as an online business owner, to understand what Search Engine Optimisation is. More specifically it is how both technical SEO and content marketing can be used together in a lethal combination.

In simple terms, SEO is the process through which you optimize your website to attract organic search traffic. It helps people find your content while that helps to drive traffic to your website and improves your ranking.

In more defined terms:
 It helps to index your website on search engines
 It helps to make high-quality content
 It helps search engine crawlers to understand your website structure and find you
 It helps search engines to understand what your copy is about
 It helps to build trust between search engines and ultimately giving your site a high authority/ranking

We won’t be going in too deep in these technical aspects today.

It is suffice to say that a successful content marketing strategy requires search engine optimisation and vice versa.

Technical SEO and content marketing should go hand in hand. In order to get the best results for your marketing campaign, focus on building a strategy that incorporates these strategies together.

3 Types of SEO

There are three main types of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO: It is all about the content on your website. Having relevant information on your page helps to make it easy for search engines to index and understand the main objective and theme of your website.
  • Off-Page SEO: It is about the promotion of your website. Back-links are created on third party sites and drive traffic from their website. By being referenced, you gain website authority. This creates trust between search engines andyour website.
  • Technical SEO: It is related to crawling and indexing of your website. It is a bit different and tricky. You need to be careful in applying technical SEO techniques. Often, it is best to leave technical SEO to a technical SEO expert.
Source: Ahrefs

What else does Technical SEO encompass?

Your website design plays an important role in technical SEO because information should be easily accessible and have an appealing presentation.

Navigation is another technical aspect of website design.

It allows for the visitors’ smooth flow between different pages and through your sales funnel.

Similarly, appearance, readability and visual appeal of your website also play an important role in driving and retaining traffic on your website.

Your website design determines the experience of your user.

It decides whether the visitor stays longer or leaves your website quickly.

Further, if your site is not designed well, it can even affect your sales. Poorly designed websites have a negative impact on the credibility and ranking of a website. 

Here are some of the things technical SEO includes:

  • Ensuring that your site has a structured layout and uses relevant HTML tags
  • Improving website load speed
  • Making your website mobile friendly
  • Improving website security
  • Improving website usability 

What is Content Marketing and how is it relevant?

Content marketing is fundamental to the success of every online business.

However, it is an interesting fact that recent research revealed that 63% of business do not have a documented marketing strategy.

It is important for entrepreneurs to understand the importance of having a content focused strategy.

As Bill Gates once said, “Content is King”. Such marketing is creating valuable, reliable, and quality content for your users which enhances their user experience.

A good user experience incites positive emotions and ultimately helps to make your website visitor a customer.

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Thus, content marketing is the practice of selling your products, services, and brands through quality content- be it text, ebooks, images or video.

It is the best approach for an online business to reach and build a solid audience base.

This is why a professional technical SEO agency would always recommend using both technical search engine optimisation and content marketing in combination.

Steps to keep in mind when developing SEO Content Marketing

  • Keep your audience in mind – be customer focused and not product focused
  • Your copy should be well written – poorly written content suggests that your business is of poor quality.

1. Know Your Audience – It is important to know your customers well so you can create content which is most relevant to them. If you do not know your customers well, it is almost impossible to write content which will help you reach your goals. This is the most important step in the entire process of developing high-quality content. Keep your audience in mind – be customer focused and not product focused.

2. Create Unique And Valuable Content – The best way to achieve success in content marketing is by creating unique and valuable content. You should aim to create content which is useful, relatable and provides value for your readers. Value can be in the form of information, entertainment, or emotional/social value.

Write content which is well-crafted, clear and concise. Help your prospects understand by providing relevant and easy-to-read examples. Give them the benefits of using your service by letting them hear about the experiences of other customers. Use relevant social proof to back up your claims and show that other people are using your service with success.

You should make your website easy to read so that it keeps your reader’s attention.

3. Promote Your Content – Once you have created content which provides value for your readers, it is time to promote your content. There are several ways you can promote your content. You can use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest to promote your content. However, you should only use these sites to promote content which provides value to your readers. If you attempt to promote content which does not provide value, you will quickly find yourself unfriended, unfollowed, or even blocked on these sites.

You can also use email marketing to promote your content to leads which have given you permission to send promotional information to them. They will welcome your emails as long as the information you provide is helpful to them and meets their expectations.

Technical SEO Agency – Combining Technical SEO and Content Marketing

Technical SEO and content marketing strategies have both changed the dynamics of the digital world.

Many online businesses use alternative types of marketing strategies and sometimes ignore the content marketing strategy.

Although social media marketing and email marketing can do wonders for your business, they do not have the degree of attraction marketing pull that a combined technical SEO and content marketing strategy has.

The nature of technical SEO and content marketing; means that they work very well as a team.

You can’t ignore either element if you want to run a successful online business.

If you produce any type of content, that is content marketing.

Together, they give you the opportunity to reach new leads and make new customers constantly

Unlike paid advertising, they do not disappear after the campaign ends.

Technical SEO and content marketing continue working once they have been developed and created.

Content marketing uses words, images, videos, keywords and articles to communicate with customers.

Creating quality content is considered the best tool to enhance on-site and off-site SEO of your web site.

These are the non-technical aspects of SEO.

Whereas technical seo focuses more on the code behind the scenes. It modifies and optimizes your website structure and coding to improve its functionality and accessibility for search engines.

This allows your site to be displayed higher in the organic search results. In this way, it improves your CTR (Click Through Rate) and increases the amount of visitors you receive from the search engines.

Technical SEO includes such things as modifying your meta tags, titles, headings, descriptions, internal and external links, page speed, and mobile friendliness. 


As you can see, there is a lot more to SEO than just writing or creating content. There is link building, keyword research, on page optimization, social media marketing, and many other aspects which can affect how search engines rank your webpages.

It takes a team of experts to make sure your website functions at the top level it deserves. And the team should consist of both technical and non-technical people.

SEO is an ongoing process. It is not something that happens once and then you are set for life. 

That’s because Google changes its algorithm often. If you are not keeping up with these algorithm changes, your rankings could be seriously affected.  

Once you get started, you will need to check your rankings every month. Doing this will give you an idea of how well your efforts are paying off. No matter how great your SEO campaign is when you start working on it again 6 months later, it will need some fine tuning.If you do not keep up with your rankings, your competitors will pass you by.

To get maximum market share, it is always good practice to hire a technical SEO agency that understands you and that you can work closely with. Contact Blazing Conversions today.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them for you. Please share this post with anyone you think might benefit from it. 

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