How To Use Organic SEO Services To Get More Buyers?

Organic SEO Services

All businesses, no matter big or small, will always be looking for new marketing strategies to overcome fierce competition with their industry competitors. As a business owner, it is important to know that 51% of all internet traffic comes from organic search results. This is compared to only 10% from paid searches or Social media.

Thus, it would be wise to engage organic SEO services experts, when you are establishing your business website. Websites that are created while adhering to SEO best practices get at lot more buyers and effective traffic than those that do not.

Your website’s ultimate success depends heavily on having an organic reach that makes it easy for potential customers to find you.

Organic SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps your website rank at the top of organic, unpaid search engine results pages(SERPs).

No matter how popular your brand may be, if your website does not appear on the first of Google’s search engine results pages, you will never successfully attract new buyers.

Below, we discuss some tips which you need to keep in mind when it comes to using organic SEO services to grow your business:

Perform Optimization for Readers and Not Search Engines        

Firstly you would want to identify who your customer is. Your content should address this individual directly.

Ensure that your educational, creative and buyers content resonates with your ideal buyers.

This is what search engines want. Google’s latest white paper emphasizes that content should focus on readers’ search intent.

By catering to your readers’ needs first, you will naturally improve the SEO marketing of your website.

This taps directly into the core of your readers’ psychology. It relates to how the keywords they use are related to their search queries.

This is one of the most powerful tips you should follow immediately.

In short, satisfy your customers needs, and you will automatically rank higher on search engine platforms.

Organic SEO Services – Blogging Regularly

Organic SEO Services

Subscribers love fresh content. This explains why blogging regularly is a very effective technique to increase your organic traffic .

Write in-depth articles and be seen as an authority on the topic. This will increase searches for articles written by you and your team.

It would be giving you an opportunity in which you can check out your website with a greater depth.

By blogging regularly, you will quickly create a vast catalog of helpful and consumer centered content.

Avoid posting poorly structured and spammy content. They will quickly get you blacklisted by search engines.

Plugging Into the Blogosphere

The blogosphere is known as a form of reciprocal medium. You can read as well as link yourself to the sites or blogs of other people. You can even get in touch with others who are relevant to your marketing niche.

This relevancy of content will increase your chances of attracting more buyers and increase your sales.

One of the best places to start is Quora. The best way through which you can interact with others is by answering their questions on Quora.

By answering questions on your chosen topic, you’ll gain tangible insight to the concerns, insecurities, wants and interest of people in a particular niche in which you are an expert.

Maximising Organic Website Traffic – Using long-tail Keywords

You should not only focus on using popular keywords for your marketing. It would help if you were using specific keywords according to your services or products.

For example, instead of using the term “sports shoes” try using more specific terms like “blue Nike Airmax 95 running shoes”.

Such long tail keywords will result in people who are looking for Nike Airmax running shoes going to you instead of your competitors.

Over time, Google and other search engines will see you as the leading authority of your niche.

Your search engine results will be higher and your chances of attracting your perfect customers will increase by leaps and bounds.

Using Meta Tags

Meta data is the most direct method that web pages communicate with search engines.

There are 3 basic meta tags that are used for optimizing any web page or any blog post.

They are namely your meta title, URL and meta description.

While simple to include, they are often missing on most websites.

It is essential for you to get all on-page factors of SEO right and accurate. The usage of metadata tags will give Google a clear idea of what your content is about.

Seeking guidance from SEO experts skilled in providing organic SEO services can you save time and cost.

Creating Unique and High-Quality Content

You should make an effort to create content that is unique and of high quality.

Never forget to follow this rule when creating blog content.

This has been repeatedly emphasized by search engines and SEO gurus alike. The more high-quality content you add to your website or blog, the more it will help you to target customers!

Create Topic Clusters

After you have created your catalog of content, your next task would be to create topic clusters – groups of articles that address similar topic of interest that the same visitor will have interest in.

For example, leisure cyclists might like content that informs them of the best mountain bicycles, where to get them, bicycle accessories, bicycle care etc.

By writing on the relevant subtopics, visitors and search engines will see your website as an authority on the subject.

It will lead to more interaction and engagement from your prospects. This naturally leads to a higher search ranking.

Use Internal Links

Once you have your topic clusters, you’d want to create internal links between articles. Link your pages to other relevant ones on your blog or extended website.

Internal linking guides incoming visitors to additional content that is relevant to them. They move from your landing page to other segments of your marketing funnel.

This improves the flow of information and the user experience. Happy visitors stay longer as they consume your content.

Your search engine ranking will be boosted, as visitors show how much they love your content by the extended duration that they stay on your website.

Incoming External Links – Encouraging Organic Search Traffic

High authority websites often have many incoming links from external websites. You should make concerted effort to have incoming and outgoing links to other trustworthy content sites.

You can encourage your clients, partners as well as suppliers to provide mutual links to relevant pages.

Getting in touch with a professional SEO agency can help you better execute this difficult technique.

The more credible incoming links you have the higher you will appear on SERPs.


SEO is a powerful and cost effect method to attract more consumers to you. Done well, SEO can increase your market share and build you a large following of loyal customers.

With over 200 factors that can affect your SEO standing, it can be a tricky task for beginners to perform effective SEO.  

Contact Blazing Conversions for organic SEO services to attract more customers and subscribers to your website or blog.

Not only will we conduct organic keywords Google analytics, we will perform an SEO Audit to see where your website can be improved to increase your organic website traffic.

SEO is not just a tool to get the highest ranking for your website. It is sign of real success in our modern digital age. So take advantage of this powerful marketing option.

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