5 Simple Ways to Maximise SEO For Christmas Returns

SEO for Christmas

We are in the midst of the yearly holiday and ecommerce boom season!

The year end is a massive time for businesses! With 11-11, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, 12-12, Christmas, Boxing day and other year end sales, it’s no wonder that there is a surge in spending during this time.

As an online marketer, you’d want to ramp up SEO for Christmas returns. In doing so, you can ride on the estimated $189 billion that is spent during the last 2 months of the year.

With a few tweaks of your website, you can rank higher in SERPs, appear in front of more targeted buyers doing Christmas shopping and hence increase your sales.

Boost your SEO For Christmas

Dedicated Landing Pages

Most businesses have their “Star Products”.
These products might be ones that define your brand, have special relevance to the season or are ones that people are searching for due to trends.

Create several dedicated landing pages to focus on promoting these star products. They will bring in customers.

Through customer browsing, bundling and upselling, these webpages will increase the sales of other products on your site.

The primary role of these pages is to generate sales. So keep them objective and to the point.

– Focus on the service, product, event or a related complementary range that you offer.
– Contain relevant SEO keywords with high search volume.
– Promote your offer (discounts, bundles, promotions etc)
– Have a clear Call to Action (CTA). Customers can’t tell what you want them to do unless you tell them. Eg  “buy now”, “read on” or “sign up”.

Tip: If you have existing ranking product pages that are enjoying good visitor volumes, capitalize on their current rank strength by repurposing and updating them.

Onsite Housekeeping

It’s always important to ensure that your website is technically in favour with search engines.

If you have been running your online store for some time, you might have updated products, updated content or modified your site structure.

In the process, you might have inadvertently created broken links. Not only are these bad for SEO but they lead to a poor user experience.

Use a website crawler tool like Screaming Frog to identify where your broken links are. Then either replace the links or redirect them to new relevant pages.

On-page SEO Tactics

Search engines favour websites that make sense to them. Their bots and spiders like well structured sites with relevant content.

So optimize your HTML code, content and website layout.

Use a combination of relevant title tags, headers and content with targeted keywords. For example, you might be selling Christmas Trees. Your URL, title, headers, meta data, descriptions and content should all be consistent and mention Christmas Trees.

Well chosen internal links also go well with search engines. Your page should link to other associated categories on your website. Eg Christmas decorations.

When you are done, update your XML sitemap so that the search engine bots understand the layout of your site easily.

Prioritize User Experience

When customers visit a website, they want to leave with a smile on their faces.

Your website should be structured for convenience and ease of use.

  • Site Speed: 22% of customers will close a tab if it takes too long to load. Use Google PageSpeed to measure your site speed. Speak to professionals if you need help in this regard.
  • User friendly design: Ensure that your website has easy navigation. The user must be able to find the things he is looking for with ease. Have appropriate suggestions along the customer’s journey to help her along the way.

Check out should be done in a jiffy and frequently asked questions should be unanswered in your page content or on an FAQ section.

  • Mobile Optimization: Over 50% of all online traffic is mobile. The figure has been increasing over the years. The future of online shopping is clearly on mobile. Make sure you ride the wave by being mobile optimized.

External Promotions

Now that you have optimized your site structure, landing pages, content, layout and clean up your backyard; it is time to promote externally.

Off-page SEO is arguably the hardest, yet most impactful aspect of SEO. In the simplest form, it occurs when websites that are not owned by you feature your content and have links to your webpages.

Social media marketing is one way of external promotions.

But when you have back links from high domain authority websites, you can dramatically increase your website traffic.

Through press releases, guest posting and networking with owners of such websites, you will be able to reach out to their lists and loyal fans. The trust developed enables these websites to direct customers to their recommendations.

Such traffic has a high conversion rate and is greatly sought after.

Link building is powerful but make sure you partner with legitimate websites.

Seek help if you are unfamiliar with this aspect of SEO.

Getting backlinks from low quality sites with spam ratings could backfire and negatively impart your website search engine ranking.

That’s It for SEO for Christmas

While most of the above should be conducted throughout the year, it should be a priority to set up your SEO in time for the year end buying rush.

Take advantage of the seasonal demand by reaching out to Blazing Conversions Digital Agency.

Improve your website ranking and give yourself a Christmas present by maximizing your profit during the festive season.

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