How Complete Web Design Services can help your Business Succeed

Web design services

Today, the world is a global village where over 80% of buyers begin their buying adventure online. Thus, you cannot overemphasize the importance of a website if you are running a modern-day business.

Your website is no longer just a brochure to show what your business is selling. It is a powerful tool that integrate with all your business functions and serves their needs.

Modern customer centric businesses know that customer behaviour has changed drastically due to technology.

 Your website can generate leads, drive sales, provide customer service, perform HR functions and directly grow the business in many other ways.

Industry research statistics have shown that 75%of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design and 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Taking these statistics into consideration, you will appreciate why engaging a reputable web design agency with professional website design services for your website shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In this article, we explore how good web design services can help build the foundation of your online presence for your business.

Must have features for Company Websites

While websites can vary in term of design. It is important that a good website serves its purpose.

Below are some features that most good websites must have in order to attract visitors and do their job well. As the majority of businesses have some form of ecommerce in their day-to-day dealings with customers, we assume that yours an ecommerce website too.

Source: Upqode

Make it User Friendly

Ecommerce sites should be a competitive advantage instead of a troublesome experience.

Online sellers have minutes, if not seconds, to make a sale. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your ecommerce site is as easy to use as possible. One way to make your site easier to use is to focus on the user experience by providing helpful filters, categories, and search capabilities. Here are some other ideas to make your site more user-friendly:

Improve search functionality with an autocomplete option

Create effective, visual navigation

Pre-populate forms

Easier-to-use websites get more traffic, and that means more sales. If you’re selling anything online, using the above tips can make a big difference in your bottom-line profits.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Responsive websites account for 50% of online transactions. With a mobile-first approach, your site is designed to automatically adjust to suit the screen size of the visitors accessing it. This means your site is easy to read and use on any device.

Walmart increased mobile sales by 98% after it optimized its mobile website. Intelligentsia created a better mobile purchase experience that led to a 16% increase in mobile transactions.

It doesn’t matter how many product pages you have. Making your website mobile-friendly for your customers will improve their buying experience and could increase your sales and your rankings.

Professional High-Resolution Photos

The days of posting one photo, with a few bullet points and a price tag are gone forever. Shoppers today have changed, they now want to see a lot more than just a photo. They want to see as many angles as possible, and they want to be able to zoom in and get a feel for the product. They expect and demand a higher standard of photography.

When it comes to ecommerce, technical considerations for images are just as important (maybe more so) than the written copy. Slow-loading, blurry or non-existent images mean a consumer will abandon your sales efforts faster than you can say “Ow!”.

Adding pictures to your product pages will make a HUGE difference in sales. It doesn’t matter if it’s professional photos, or photos taken with your cell phone. The point is, images will always draw buyers to your page… as long as you have something to offer that is visual in nature.

Ecommerce websites should display multiple photos per product. The photos need to be high-resolution and optimized for page load.

An ecommerce website should have a lot of photos per product. The photos need to be high-resolution and optimized for page load.

Web design services

User-Generated Reviews

The Good, the Bad, and even the Ugly User-generated reviews are now one of the most important ranking factors on Google.

If your website has no reviews, or only positive ones, then Google will assume the rest of your site is not trustworthy. And, that can have a huge impact on your rankings.

In fact, according to a study by Moz, “89% of businesses with no reviews had lower organic traffic than those with at least one negative review.” That means it’s important to have a mix of good reviews and bad reviews.

Not only does it help to establish credibility for your business, it also gives you some wiggle room if a few negative ones slip through the cracks.

How do you get started? The first thing you need to do is ask your customers to leave a review. Provide them with a link to a Google Form where they can leave a brief (50 characters or less) rating and comment about their experience buying from you.

You should also encourage all of your customers to share their positive experiences. This will help to establish an optimistic “tone” throughout your website.

Find-in-Store or Location

If yours is an office, you would want your visitors to be able to find you easily. State your address and how to get there. Your clients will greatly appreciate the convenience.

An ecommerce website should have a “find-in-store” feature. This helps you to reach out and grab local customers who want to buy in person. This is especially true for millennials, as they tend to research online before purchasing in a store.

This makes it incredibly helpful to see which local stores have products in stock. Shoppers are going online just to research and then complete the purchase in person.

This makes it incredibly helpful to see which local stores have products in stock. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Providing detailed answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) is a great way to build credibility and establish trust with your customers.

It shows that you care for them and have anticipated potential issues or concerns that they might have. 

In this internet age, people do not like to wait for customer service to reply. They want answers to their questions immediately.

FAQs give you a chance to shine by providing detailed answers to their questions. This is true for any business but ecommerce stores.

Websites should have an FAQ section that addresses the most common questions from customers. It should be well-written, provide clear answers and establish credibility for the business.

Security Features

Security features are extremely important to website owners and visitors alike.

Too many times, business owners are so focused on increasing sales that they forget to pay attention to the details that makes their website more secure.

With their sophisticated security features, it’s no wonder that Magento and WordPress paired with WooCommerce are the top two platforms for online sellers.

Other must-have ecommerce security features to consider are:

SSL certificate: Establishes secure connectivity between a user and the website. Look for HTTPS and a green lock in the address bar before trusting an online store with your information. Select an SSL certificate vendor with name recognition. The enterprise ecommerce giants almost always use Symantec.

Two-factor authentication: Adds an extra layer of security by requiring username/password and a system-generated code sent via email or text.

Use a firewall: Provides a gateway or wall between two networks and permits authorized traffic and blocking malicious traffic.

Privacy policy link in footer: Addresses the website’s privacy policies and promises customer data is not shared with third parties.

Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page

Consider the contact page as a feature of the website. Include multiple ways to reach out, including phone, email, and an online form.

Make it easy for buyers to get in touch or request support.

Linking to social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn makes it easy for customers to connect with you online 24/7. Help them feel like they know you.

Provide customer service social links and Google maps for locations. 

Why you need organic SEO Friendly Website Design Service.

Getting all the services for web design without factoring SEO is a huge waste of potential rewards.

If you think that organic SEO is old school and no longer relevant, then be ready for the shock of your life.

For starters, SEO is the process of increasing your visibility on major search engines.

The majority of people begin their decision making process of what to buy and who to buy from via search engines.

Industry data shows that buyers perceive that websites that appear on the top of their search results are reliable and genuine.

This explains why websites that appear on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) enjoy over 80% of all clicks.

Why stay on the bottom when you can increase your chance of ranking among the top pages?

Generating organic SEO traffic to your website isn’t magic. It takes application of specific professional SEO techniques and web design strategies to help clients increase visits from high demand customers.

Although pay-per-click advertising is powerful and should be considered as part of your overall marketing strategy, it can’t be integrated you’re your web design structure.

Additional reasons why you should include onsite SEO optimization in your website and online store structure include:


A big reason why you need organic SEO for your website is the cost advantage it brings.

By implementing a well thought out SEO strategy, your organic search traffic won’t cost anything. This gives your business an edge over your competitors who are using paid marketing strategies.


Generating organic SEO traffic gives you credibility because it solidifies your online reputation and presence.


The customers you attract are laser targeted and highly motivated.

People who visit your website through search results have a specific purpose and ready intent.

Once they understand how your product will help them improve their lives or solve their problems, they will immediately buy it.

Increase Profits through Organic SEO Traffic

It is one thing to get the best web design services agency to build a professional website and another to get the profit you have envisioned.

No one ever come online with the intention to make losses, why should it start with you?

Unless you intend for your website to be purely decorative, you should consider increasing your profit via organic SEO traffic.

Every online business wants to be on the top of search results to boost brand awareness and attract more consumers to buy their product or service.

Onsite SEO friendly features have a huge positive impact on lowering barriers to potential customers finding you.

The best thing is that once included, these features will continually draw buyers to you without any additional costs.

This explains why many successful companies emphasize SEO as being part of their core marketing strategy.

Pinpoint your Target Keywords

The success of your business depends on your targeted keywords.

If you are a new business owner or one who would like to increase profit over time, identifying the keywords used by your buyers can send high demand traffic to your website.

For instance, if your shoe shop is located in New York, you will not use a general keyword like “shoes”. However, if you use a keyword like “Shoes in New York” or “New York Shoes,” you have a better chance of targeting your audience that is based in New York.

The chances of converting these leads are higher than using the generic keyword “shoes”.

Develop a content strategy

This means your website must have regular updates for your customers.

With this, you can consistently add new content with relevant information.

Relevant keywords should be integrated into this content to address the needs of your audience.

Remember, the wrong content strategy could spell doom for your online business.

Hence, hiring the right SEO experts is essential as they can create and cultivate content in various formats such as videos, podcasts, infographics, animations, blogs, etc.

On-Page Optimization

Paying close attention to your on-page techniques is paramount to your online success.

For new business owners, it is important to hire an experienced SEO expert to create unique title tags for your content. Besides this, such an expert can help you:

•           Reduce bounce rates of your web pages

•           Link content with internal links

•           Optimize headings with relevant descriptions and keywords

•           Write proper meta descriptions to boost your visibility

Avoid SEO Mistakes

While you can do various things to increase your online visibility, you could create more harm than good when they are wrongly done.

For instance, avoid stuffing your content with too many keywords.

As seductive as they may be, do not use black hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO techniques include link buying, invisible or hidden text, duplicated content and article spinning.

How to choose your web design services provider

The success of your website lies in your choice of designers you decide to employ. With hundreds of website design services available online, it is hard to filter between the good and bad.

Below are a few important tips to assist you in picking the right website design services for your business.

•           Be proactive

It takes less than 6 seconds for the average consumer to develop an opinion about your website.

Thus, before thinking of collaborating with a web design services agency, you must have an idea of the appearance and functionality of your website.

You must have a top-notch eye catching design that reflects your ethos and business.

A profession web design team will then be able to work with you to develop the look and feel of your website. Crucially, they will also seek to understand the purpose for your website.

In doing so, they will build appropriate and relevant features into your web pages.

They will consider things like marketing, support, customer experience, SEO, social media links, lead generation, branding etc before embarking on the construction of your online project.

•           Check previous works

Most reputable website design service providers will have a portfolio of previous work. In seeing this, you’ll get an idea of their level of professionalism, skill level and ability to deliver what clients need.

From these samples, you can draw your conclusion if they have the capability to fulfill your job requirements.

Some questions you should ask yourself: Do the previous designs look professional? Are the pages responsive? Are the contents easy to read? Do does this team have the experience to build features that I want?

•           Check reviews

While it is great to see their previous works, more importantly, you should also have a look at reviews by previous clients.

You can gather a lot of insight in terms of their reliability and professionalism from multiple review sites like Google and Yelp. Look for testimonials and see whether they are recommended vendors.

Choosing your web design services Conclusion

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence and business.

Web design services for business must offer a lot more than just graphic design work.

It must cater to your needs as an entrepreneur and factor in business considerations.

If you are ready to have your website designed to maximize your results and grow your business, contact Blazing Conversions for a consultation today.

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