Successful Brand Building Using Social Media (2021 Edition)

brand building

Brand building refers to the process of creating awareness of your company. This in turn will increase consumers understanding of your brand and grow your brand equity.

Brand building is an ongoing process that will keep you busy all the time. As it is the core of your business, you will want to play close attention to it.

A good branding strategy would take into consideration

  • brand positioning
  • branding building
  • brand marketing
  • brand equity

Having a successful brand is the most important asset a business can have.

Put simply, brand building is getting your name to as many people as possible and creating a good impression.

Existing clients will proudly associate with your brand and potential customers will aspire to it.

Social Media Brand Building

With over 3.5 billion users, social media is a major brand building channel for any brand to consider.

Social media is crucial when you’re trying to build a strong brand. Brand awareness is a top priority for marketers around the world. With the majority of internet users having social media accounts, you easily can raise brand awareness using social media.

In the social media era, branding techniques had changed. Digital technologies created potent social networks that can influence massive crowds digitally.

A strong presence in social media requires you to address these crowds in their local context.

Consider having individual branding campaigns in different regions in your branding strategy. These should resonate with the local culture and language.

Social Proof as Brand Equity

Another important factor that will help in your brand building on social media is social proof.

Many customers are hunting online for solutions to their problems. They are cross-checking and looking for suggestions. Testimonials and recommendations of other social media users give confidence to potential customers to try your products and services.

Remember to reply to questions and comments that people leave on your ads and Facebook groups.

Being present in social media demonstrates that your company is trustworthy. This is very important when you are trying to build a powerful brand.

Brand Outreach

Providing great, useful content in social media will result in shares and retweets that will increase your brand outreach.

You will create a strong brand reputation if you focus on creating useful, relevant content that is shared.

Every piece of content should support your brand image. You should have a coherent brand marketing strategy that will reflect in all the media you use.

Companies that are consistent are three to four times more likely to experience brand visibility,

Effective social media branding allows your audience to get to know who you are as a company. It will also result in the public associating the right values and emotions you want them to align with you.

Most consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a good relationship with a brand, so this is an effective method to help you build relations with your customers.

Engaging with customers

While you might be concerned with reaching out to your audience, you should also know that people use social media to reach brands.

Social media is the first place most people turn to for support. And so you will want to be there when they reach for help. By being there, it helps you build brand loyalty in your brand building endeavours.

By engaging with your customers through customer support and interesting content you will strengthen your brand image.

Consumers who engage with a brand through social media are more likely to have a better evaluation of the brand, stay loyal and recommend it to others.

If you want a successful brand you must be present in social media and engage your fans. This will give you good brand positioning.

brand building

Incorporating digital marketing into Brand building

Besides Social Media, you should also take into consideration other digital marketing strategies, like SEO, website design, e-commerce, sale funnel. An effective marketing strategy will incorporate most of these factors.

SEO branding

SEO is another great digital marketing strategy that will help you build a powerful brand. SEO is a long term strategy that will allow you to grow a successful business.

Quality SEO can increase your brand’s image. SEO will generate quality traffic that will be likely to spend more time on your website.

Also, the high volume of traffic will increase your brand awareness, an important asset in your brand building strategy. SEO will also help you improve your brand image.

Web design Brand Positioning

Website design is crucial for your brand building process.

You should have consistency throughout your website design and social media presence. By making it memorable, the customer will immediately recognize your brand when he visits your site.

The website should express your brand identity.

Your brand identity is what you say it is, unlike brand perception, which is what your consumers say it is.

Funnel Marketing As Part Of Brand Building

The marketing and sales funnel is another major tool you should consider for brand building.

The funnel is the journey that your customer walks with you, from the first visit on the website to the checkout point. It also includes follow up interactions after that.

As the sales funnel is a process created by your company, any experience they have in it will be associated with your brand.

Applying and analyzing a sale funnel will show you your business flows and help you improve in your associations with your customers.

A good experience in your marketing and sales funnel will result in high levels of brand loyalty.

Ecommerce branding strategy

Brand building is crucial even in ecommerce marketing. It will help you generate more sales and your business will grow.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of ecommerce stores on the internet. You have to set yourself apart.

Buyers have dozens of options from which they can select in any niche. Your company’s branding is the one thing that will make your customers choose you over your competitors.

People purchase products because of a story, an emotional connection they feel with the brand. That is why great branding is your single competitive advantage.

As an ecommerce business owner, building a powerful and engaging online brand is most important for customer retention.

Summary – Social Media and Brand Marketing

Branding influences consumers’ perception of your company and products/services that you sell.

The essence of branding is making your customers feel that your brand is the only consideration they should have for the solution they are looking.

This means then, every time they need a product/service in your niche, they will turn to you.

Incorporating social media into your brand building strategy allows you to reach out to a large audience. Using social media tools will also allow you to target your specific audience.

Combining digital marketing into you overall branding strategy will help you build powerful brand equity that will assure your business growth.

These marketing strategies are currently underused in Asia. If you give them the right resources and engage professional social media marketing services you will stand to gain immensely.

If you want to develop a coherent strategy that will put you ahead of your competitors quickly, contact Blazing Conversions Social Media Marketing Consultants today.

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